Antique Style 14k Wg 80 Ct Round Diamond Solitaire Ring 6 Mm Size 65

$3,250 Sold 5859 Unusual Swiss Jacot Chinese Market silver gilt and enamel hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1900. , antique style 14k Geneva, circa 1885. $7,500 6200 Fine Zenith 18K gold grande sonnerie minute repeater clockwatch circa 1900. $9,500 7042 Fine and scarce Swiss 18K gold minute repeater split second chronograph antique style 14k antique pocket watch by C. $5,000 Sold 6371 Fine and rare Charles Oudin 18K gold quarter repeater with original box, probably made by Louis Audemars, circa 1865. $6,000 Sold 5842 Fine 18K gold antique musical pocket watch circa 1830. $25,000 Sold 6429 Fine 18K gold, engraved and painted Swiss enamel ladies antique pendant watch with two portraits on the dust cover by Haas, Geneva, circa 1890. $4,150 Sold 6465 Fine and extremely heavy 18K gold Howard Type III antique hunting case pocket watch circa 1867. $10,000 6874 Fine and antique style 14k small Swiss UTI 18K gold quarter repeater antique watch circa 1900. $4,150 Sold 6460 Very fine and scarce Patek Philippe 18K yellow gold minute repeater split second chronograph antique pocket watch made for Tiffany & Co. Formerly the property of Phillip K. $5,000 Sold 7078 Fine and beautiful 18K gold Louis XIV style Patek Philippe St. $1,150 Sold antique style 14k 5355 Fine and unusual ladies 18K gold and enamel pendant watch, chain, and pin circa 1860. 6153 Fine 14K gold A. $10,000 Sold antique style 14k 5928 Scarce 18K gold hunting case Swiss quarter repeater with hidden enamel erotic animated scene circa 1900. 6928 Fine thin Swiss platinum Art Deco dress antique pocket watch by Cress Arrow circa 1920. $37,250 Sold 7068 Fine and antique style 14k elegant Breguet 18K white gold Art Deco wandering hour antique pocket watch circa 1925. $1,700 Sold 5449 antique style 14k Fine Swiss ultra flat very fancy 18K gold gentleman’s antique pocket watch circa 1910. $1,650 Sold 5926 Fine, Antique Armor Bronze important and rare Jules Jurgensen keywind 18K C1940 Authentic 100 gold hunting Rosewood Antique 1915 Vanity Or case pocket chronometer with pivoted detent escapement, with a naval presentation from the President of the United States, with original box and certificate circa 1858. $2,750 Sold antique style 14k 6065 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold 20 jewel antique pocket watch with Guillaume balance made for Samuel Culver Park circa 1899.

5932 Fine and scarce Jules Jurgensen antique style 14k 18K gold minute repeater chronometer antique pocket watch circa 1890 with box and papers. 6658 Fine and lovely 14K gold, diamond and painted enamel antique ladies pendant watch circa 1900. $10,750 Sold 6567 Very attractive Swiss gunmetal double dial moonphase calendar antique pocket watch circa 1890. $13,000 Sold 6474 Lovely Waltham O S 14K gold ladies antique pocket watch circa 1900. $3,750 Sold 6651 Fine, rare and handsome slim 18K yellow and white gold Art Deco calendar sweep seconds antique pocket watch circa 1920.

6851 Scarce Swiss gunmetal hardcore erotic antique pocket watch circa 1890. $8,500 Sold 5967 Fine antique style 14k Jules Jurgensen 18K gold hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1885. 8176 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold reference 3537 vintage wrist watch circa 1970. $8,100 Sold 6876 Fine slim French 18K gold quarter hour repeater ruby cylinder antique pocket watch by Le Roy, Paris, circa 1820. $1,250 Sold 5871 Dudley Type 2 Masonic gold filled flip back antique pocket antique style 14k watch circa 1927. $6,750 6987 Fine and lovely French tortoise shell and painted enamel singing bird box by Bontems circa 1890. 8158 Fine, scarce, slim and elegant triple signed Audemars Piguet 18K gold “”Extra”” minute repeater antique ” pocket watch circa 1911. $1,300 Sold 5858 Fine Waltham antique style 14k 18 S multicolored gold box hinge hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1899. $6,000 Sold 5817 Fine Swiss Meylan 18K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch circa 1910 $4,000 Sold 5848 Fine Hiram 14K gold Masonic antique pocket watch circa 1935. $10,000 8001 Fine Patek Philippe 18K gold half-hunter Patek Philippe antique pocket watch with original box and certificate antique style 14k circa 1894. $2,000 Sold 5992 Good platinum Waltham antique dress pocket watch with original box circa 1915. $5,700 Sold For a fuller antique style 14k description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $1,750 6685 Fine and handsome Howard antique style 14k midsize 18K gold G size antique pocket watch circa 1891. 8186 Fine 18K antique style 14k gold New York Watch Co. $6,000 antique style 14k 6653 Fine and scarce oversize silver gilt double dial world time watch circa 1880. $6,150 Sold 6617 antique style 14k Fine continental skeletonized verge and fusee quarter repeating antique pocket watch circa 1810. $2,000 6656 Erotic automated hidden scene match safe circa 1900. $1,100 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $3,000 6949 Fine 18K gold Swiss quarter hour repeater antique style 14k by Vaucher Freres circa 1800. $1,750 Sold 6041 Fine and scarce Elgin 14K gold 16 S sweep center seconds doctor’s antique pocket watch circa 1881. $4,750 Sold 6116 Fine English gilt, enamel and stone set center seconds pair case verge antique style 14k and fusee by Barraud, London, circa 1790. $1,050 Sold 6015 Fine large Patek Philippe 20 jewel Chronometro Gondolo 18K red gold antique pocket watch circa 1905. 8222 Fine 18K gold Patek Philippe minute repeater chronograph antique pocket watch circa 1892. 6412 Fine and very rare Swiss Patek Philippe 18K gold minute repeater split second chronograph antique pocket watch with both 60 minute and 12 hour registers retailed by Tiffany & Co. 6947 Very attractive Viennese erotic silver gilt and enamel renaissance style single-handed oval pocket watch circa 1800. $6,500 Sold 6702 Fine and lovely antique style 14k French 18K gold and painted enamel antique verge and fusee pocket watch by Romilly, Paris, circa 1780. $26,600 8102 IWC Swiss silver jump hour and minute antique pocket watch circa 1885. $5,300 6109 Unusual Swiss antique style 14k nickel antique pocket watch with mining scene circa 1900. $3,400 Sold 6046 Fine Swiss 18K gold minute repeater chronograph with register antique pocket watch with medical provenance attributed to Meylan circa 1890. $1,350 Sold 5929 Fine Swiss 18K gold two train independent center antique style 14k seconds double dial captain’s watch circa 1850 $3,750 Sold 5905 Swiss enamel automaton 18K gold minute repeater hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1900. $1,550 Sold 6330 Charming antique style 14k Swiss 18K gold, diamond and painted enamel ladies antique pendant watch with beautiful fancy dial circa 1890. $5,500 Sold 6856 Fine German Lange 14K pink gold hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1902. $10,750 For a antique style 14k fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number.

$4,100 Sold 6416 Fine Swiss 18K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch retailed by Ryrie antique style 14k Brothers circa 1910. 6092 Heavy 18K gold Hampden 18 S hunting case Special Railway antique pocket watch circa 1897. 6017 Fine antique style 14k Ulysse Nardin dead seconds circuit breaker deck watch with electric contacts in box circa 1945. $20,000 Sold 6925 Fine and scarce Patek Philippe 18K gold and enamel ladies antique pendant watch circa Basic Inframe Overhaul 1900. $1,250 Sold 5735 Charming Swiss 14K gold and painted enamel ladies antique pendant watch circa 1890. $1,375 Sold 6102 Fine and very atractive Swiss silver Masonic watch with mother of pearl dial by Juvania antique style 14k circa 1930. $12,000 7025 Fine Swiss 14K gold antique style 14k Vacheron and Constantin antique pocket watch circa 1908. 6076 Large and 18226 Antique Thomas Brooks Marble Top impressive Swiss 18K gold Sur t quarter repeater chronograph moon phase triple calendar antique pocket watch circa 1900. 6662 Fine silver Ulysse Nardin silver deck watch made for the British Admiralty circa 1938. $6,000 Sold 5820 Fine small 18K gold musical antique pocket watch circa 1830. $4,500 Sold 6858 Attractive Swiss silver triangular Masonic antique pocket watch by Tempor, Geneva, circa 1930. $1,500 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $6,750 Sold 8079 Hamilton Ventura 14K gold oversized antique style 14k electric vintage wrist watch circa 1958. $2,400 Sold 6000 Fine and unusual Patek Philippe 18K gold, sapphire and diamond ladies antique pendant watch made for Tiffany circa 1896. $650 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $17,000 Sold 6585 Fine and particularly attractive Swiss 18K gold and pearl fully skeletonized antique style 14k antique pocket watch circa 1890. $2,000 Sold 6268 Fine and unusual English 18K 2 color gold rack lever with going barrel antique pocket watch by Tobias, Liverpool, circa 1815. $1,800 Sold 6779 Fine Vacheron & Constantin Chronometre Royal silver deck watch with original box made for the British Admiralty circa 1915. $3,700 6581 Fine and handsome heavy 18K gold antique pocket watch with a detailed engraving of a locomotive, circa 1845. 7017 Fine, slim and beautiful 18K gold champleve enamel antique pocket watch circa 1860. $4,000 Sold 6723 Fine and exceptionally rare Swiss 18K gold Westminster Chime carillon minute repeater by Constant Piguet circa 1900. $8,000 Victorian Emerald Solitaire Ring In Antique 8234 Important antique style 14k and extremely rare Glashutte detent deck chronometer by Stuebner for Kittel circa 1900. $5,750 8228 Fine and antique style 14k extremely rare California gold quartz Waltham antique pocket watch circa 1895. Tucker circa 1868. 8218 Lovely ladies 18K gold and enamel antique pendant watch by Henry Capt, Geneva, circa 1860. $5,500 Sold 6781 Fine silver and niello sector watch antique style 14k by the Record Watch Co. $700 Sold 6718 Fine slim Swiss 18K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch signed by Golay and made by Audemars Piguet, circa 1913. $3,750 Sold 7098 Fine antique style 14k and scarce heavy 14K multicolor gold and ruby box hinge Howard “N” antique pocket watch circa 1888. 6961 Fine and rare Swiss 18K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch with original box by Ulysse Classic Diamond Prong Set Eternity Women Nardin circa 1890. 6647 Fine antique style 14k 18K gold Jules Jurgensen antique pocket watch circa 1880. $2,800 Sold 6795 Fine German Lange 18K gold 20 jewel 1A antique pocket watch circa 1903. $6,400 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $12,750 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $8,500 Sold 6332 Fine and beautiful Swiss ladies 18K gold, painted enamel and diamond antique pendant watch with a rendering of Minerva circa 1890. $2,750 8210 Fine Swiss 18K gold perpetual calendar minute repeater chronograph antique pocket watch circa 1890. $950 Sold 6282 Beautiful and fine Art Nouveau 18K gold ladies antique pendant watch by Golay circa 1900. $4,800 For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $11,500 8184 Fine and very rare Hamilton 14K solid gold electric Pacer vintage wrist watch circa 1995. $8,000 Sold 6766 Very fine and very rare First Class Patek antique style 14k Philippe 18K gold Observatory Chronometer circa 1916 with observatory papers. Best Deal On 14 K $6,500 Sold 6402 Fine and lovely Swiss 18K gold and enamel ladies antique pendant watch by Henry Capt, Geneva, antique style 14k circa 1890. $4,000 6683 Fine Swiss Charles Jacot midsize 18K gold antique pocket watch circa 1850. $9,500 Sold 6722 Fine and early Howard Type III heavy 18K gold antique pocket watch with antique style 14k Mershon’s patent regulator circa 1862. 6553 Fine and scarce silver gilt antique style 14k English 52 minute karrusel antique pocket watch by Wright & Craighead circa 1896. $2,500 Sold 6578 Fine Patek Philippe red 18K gold hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1885. $8,750 Sold 8188 Fine and handsome, slim and elegant Swiss 18K gold moonphase perpetual calendar minute repeater by Golay Fils and Stahl, Gneva, circa 1925 $40,000 8189 Good Swiss 18K gold quarter hour repeater antique pocket watch with hidden automated enamel erotic scene, circa 1890. $20,000 7024 Fine and rare continental 18K gold pinned cylinder musical antique style 14k quarter hour repeater antique pocket watch signed Breguet, circa 1810. $4,600 Sold 6001 Unusual antique style 14k English silver hunting case verge and fusee antique pocket watch circa 1791 by Grimalde, London. $2,500 6859 Fine and handsome platinum, diamond, ruby and onyx slim Art Deco dress antique pocket watch by Agassiz, circa 1925. 7077 Fine Swiss silver and niello Art Nouveau oversize sector antique pocket watch by Record Watch Co, circa 1900. $20,000 Sold 6824 Fine Patek 1Ct Diamond Split Shank Vintage Engagement Philippe 18K gold hunting case 5-minute repeater with Polish Provenance circa 1903. $6,000 Sold 6117 Fine and very scarce tiny (33 mm) Patek Philippe minute repeater antique ladies pendant watch circa 1892. 6524 Fine Audemars Piguet 18K gold minute repeater antique pocket watch with custom dial circa 1890. $3,400 Sold 6014 Fine slim International Watch Company 14K gold antique dress pocket watch circa 1919.

$5,500 7089 Fine and lovely Patek Philippe 18K gold and enamel keywind ladies pendant watch circa 1864 $13,500 7090 Fine, beautiful and rare 18K gold, enamel, diamond and ruby antique bracelet watch with removable pendant watch and fitted box circa 1860.

7043 Fine and scarce 18K gold Howard split plate antique pocket watch circa 1894. $2,650 Sold 5366 Fine Swiss 18K gold and enamel antique style 14k ladies antique hunting case pendant watch by C. $7,000 6939 Fine and scarce Cartier 18K gold, antique style 14k onyx and enamel slim Art Deco dress antique pocket watch circa 1920. $8,000 7014 Fine and rare giant French silver and tortoise shell pair case verge and fusee bell hour strike and repeat coach watch for the Turkish Ottoman market by Mestral, Paris, circa 1800. $4,250 6982 Fine Swiss 18K gold and enamel dimi-hunter quarter repeater antique pocket watch by Russel, Geneva, circa 1880. $8,000 8141 Fine large Vacheron and Constantin 18K gold reference 6394-2 automatic vintage wrist watch circa 1962. $8,750 Sold 5670 Fine Courvoisier and Company 18K gold ruby cylinder quarter repeater circa 1820 with unusual keyless winding system. $4,250 Sold 6336 Fine and rare Waltham Howard 14K gold hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1904. $7,850 5579 Fine German antique style 14k 14K pink gold Lange DUF Glashutte antique pocket watch circa 1917.

$2,800 Sold 5936 Swiss silver mystery antique pocket watch circa 1890. $110,000 8227 Fine and lovely Patek Philippe 18K gold and painted enamel antique ladies pendant watch circa 1868. $12,500 Sold 5794 Fine Swiss silver detent deck watch by Soudan, Geneva, circa 1890. $19,000 Sold 5999 Fine Type III Howard 18K gold antique style 14k keywind hunting case antique pocket watch circa 1866. $3,400 8224 Very fine, antique style 14k handsome, and probably unique Audemars Piguet 18K gold minute repeater moonphase perpetual calendar split second chronograph with register and with additional retrograde lunar phases hand, circa 1902. $3,400 6129 Fine and elegant platinum and diamond Patek Philippe reference 600 slim vintage pocket watch circa 1965. Petersburg, circa 1900. $850 Sold 5381 Patek Philippe 18K Art Nouveau gold ladies antique pendant watch circa 1888. 6770 Fine Patek Philippe 18K pink gold antique pocket watch antique style 14k circa 1893. $5,500 Sold 7045 Very fine and rare 18K gold 23 jewel 16 S Edward Howard antique pocket watch circa 1910 $16,750 Sold 7048 Fine English silver repousse pair case verge and fusee antique calendar pocket watch made for the Dutch market signed John Wilter, London, circa 1760 $5,000 Sold 7019 Fine and rare Swiss 14K pink gold Invar grand and petit sonnerie minute repeating clockwatch circa 1909. 6834 Good slim Swiss platinum diamond dial dress antique style 14k watch by Mathey Tissot circa 1930. $12,500 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on any blue underlined item number. $2,500 7040 Good Swiss 18K antique style 14k red gold quarter repeater chronograph antique pocket watch circa 1890. $31,000 Sold For a fuller description and more photos, click on antique style 14k any blue underlined item number. $6,000 7027 Very fine and large antique style 14k English silver spring detent pocket chronometer by Roskell, Liverpool, circa 1838. Magson, London, circa 1750. $1,100 Sold 5909 Scarce Swiss silver watch with an early airplane on the back by Escany Cyma antique style 14k circa 1915. $2,300 Sold 6042 Good Swiss 18K gold triple calendar moonphase antique pocket watch circa 1890. $6,000 6883 Fine English 18K gold midsize quarter repeater antique pocket watch by Roskell, London, circa 1862. $2,150 Sold antique style 14k 5573 Fine French ladies 18K gold and enamel verge and fusee pendant watch circa 1790. 5 minute karrusel with Kew Observatory Class A, made by J. $40,000 7020 Fine antique style 14k Patek Philippe 18K gold antique pocket watch circa 1879. 6559 Reuge gilt antique style 14k Swiss musical automaton with hidden automated erotic scene. $6,000 8008 Good 18K gold Swiss quarter hour repeater chronograph by Auguste Huguenin & Son, Locle, circa 1890. $3,200 8221 Fine Assman, Glashutte 14K gold antique pocket watch circa 1890. $8,000 6541 Fine beautiful and rare 18K antique style 14k gold and diamond bezel 14K Wg 379 Ct Chocolate Brown Amp wind ring watch circa 1880. 8088 Fine and slim very attractive 18K gold and champleve enamel jump hour quarter repeater antique pocket watch circa 1830. $3,400 antique style 14k Sold 5766 Fine and slim Boucheron 18K gold minute repeater antique dress pocket watch with original box circa 1920. $3,750 Sold 5896 Fine and slim 18K gold duplex antique pocket watch by Brothers Melly circa 1835.

Antique Rare China Mahjong Bamboo Bone 152 Tiles 105 Sticks Set W Rosewood Box

This is any incredible, Mizuno Mp100 100 museum quality example of antique rare china late 1800’s art pottery. We also buy vintage and antique china Cleveland Rtx 3 V as well as offer free antique appraisals. 1909 Jane Austen We also buy Antique China and offer free. The elaborate hand painting is beautifully done with a stunning palette Antique Classical Empire Mahogany of colors on a Antique Chinese Hand Painted Porcelain Vase cream colored background. You can see more here on our Antique Meissen China Shelf Antique Meissen China shelf Gorgeous French Antique Gothic Walnut Server With from our. They are all in excellent condition and look as if they have antique rare china never Antique 1847 19 Volumes Histoire been used. We will help you determine the value of your china.

We buy Antique China! Antique China Here is some antique china we have on display in our antiques and art mall in Southwest Florida.

These twelve plates were brought into us 14k Yellow Gold Titleist Vg3 2016 4 9p by a local retired resident. Originally they were purchased in Europe before World War II. In addition to the lovely and intricate painting, Honma Golf Japan there is tons of lacy open Antique French Heavy pierced work and protruding leafy adornments that Antique Gorham Sterling Silver 1938 Nocturne Pattern have not chipped over Titleist 716 Ap2 4 the past 130-140 years!

Collecting these antique pieces is so appealing to so many because of it’s incredible time span it offers an endless array of choices.

Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Octagonal Bowl!

Come by and see our extensive collections in person! It dates back to the 1920’s and was well cared for through out it’s life. This is a very antique rare china nice vintage Royal Crown Derby Old Imari octagonal bowl from our antiques mall. If you want antique china appraised or want to sell antique china contact us. At Gannon’s Antiques & Taylormade Speed Blade Irons Art we appraise and buy antique china. Rare and outstanding size, measuring 40 antique rare china 1 2 inches tall! This is a beautiful example antique rare china of a genuine Antique Meissen wood, porcelain, and mirrored shelf. Antique China Hutschenreuther Dinner Plates Antique Hutschenreuther cobalt and gold dinner plates just into our Fort Myers antiques mall. Vintage and antique china sets from our antiques mall! If you have pieces you would antique rare china like to sell or want appraised Antique China has been prized and cherished for centuries. As you can see they feature an elegant floral hand painted scene surrounded by Antique Northwood Carnival an intricate gold pattern inclosed by rich contrasting cobalt with a decorative gold rim.

Collectors now antique rare china can get pieces from China and all over the world. As Southwest Florida’s most active antiques mall we can help you get the best antique rare china value for your antique china pieces. This is one set of Antique China from our antiques Antique French Empire Marble mall. You can also see our Antique Fischer Budapest Pottery Jardiniere Plant Stand! This one is in 1970 1971 1972 Oldsmobile 442 great condition and has an extra large diameter of 11″. We buy antique Meissen Antique Very Rare Folding like this as often as we can. We showcase Mizuno Golf Jpx pieces from Wedgwood, Limoges, Royal Worcester, Royal Doulton, Fine antique rare china Antique Chinese Porcelain, and more. These are some of the sets of vintage and antique china from our antique rare china antiques mall. Approximate size is 25x 25″. Below we have a small sample of fine porcelain displayed in our antiques mall As Southwest Florida’s most active antique rare china antiques buyers our inventory changes daily.

Pre Columbian Chavin Stone Mace Head Symbols Of Authority & Power Peru Coa

Each depicts a squatting figure sitting atop a pedestal base. SOLD Jama Coaque Sellos Ecuador 100 AD – 500 AD Three Jamacoaque roller stamp seals (sellos) from Pre-Columbian Ecuador. $500 Moche Portrait Vessel Peru 400 AD – 600 AD A large and impressive Moche Phase IV portrait vessel from the Northern Coastal region of ancient Peru. An pre columbian chavin unusually large and impressive example. 25″ across pre columbian chavin x 3. 5″ tall x 5″ across $225 Manteno Figural Tripod Vessel Ecuador 1000 AD – 1500 AD A large and exceptional Manteno figural tripod vessel from Pre-Columbian Ecuador.

Each has a rounded bowl, loop handles and Fine 21 Italian tripod pre columbian chavin legs decorated with incised appliques. Carved from a dark gray slate-like stone. The stirrup handle pre columbian chavin is also stippled and is wrapped with raised coils. Some wear and a couple of tiny chips missing, but it is completely intact and original. It depicts a highly stylized human figure. 8″ across x 3. The cream colored surface is nicely burnished inside and out with areas of orange and black (fire clouding) on one side. 25″ tall x pre columbian chavin 6″ across $375 Nayarit Fineline Olla West Mexico 100 BC – 250 AD A well made Exceptional Antique Sterling Nayarit olla with fine-line decoration. Stardis collection of Pennsylvania. Both Three Stone Engagement Real Diamond Ring Si1 pre columbian chavin are relief Romance Of The Sea By carved and have cone-shaped ‘handles’ on Antique French Brass Carriage Key the backs. Nicely painted in dark brown-black against a cream-yellow background.

There are a few areas pre columbian chavin of fire clouding as would be expected in a vessel of this size. A few tiny chips on the spout and base. Covered overall in a creamy yellow slip with deposits and some light staining present. Shows light to pre columbian chavin moderate deposits, mostly on the bottom. Light surface wear consistent with age and extended burial, but is intact and original with no repairs or restoration. This gallery will be regularly updated so check back often. 9″ long x 5. The geometric patterns are resin painted in shades of red, green, black and white. A very unusual artifact. It has two barrel-shaped chambers with footed bases, joined at the sides Putter Sporting Golf and again pre columbian chavin by an arched strap handle. This type is pre columbian chavin characterized by puffy, slit-like eyes and broad rectangular head with incised hair.

An unusual example as this type pre columbian chavin of gorget normally have just two holes. 3′ (Chapter III) by Seiichi Izumi from Tokyo University for additional info and similar examples from the Shillacoto site in Samson Paris Antique Huanuco, Peru. Long tubular drum topped by a standing figure in a state of transformation between human and animal form. Some minor paint pre columbian chavin touch ups but appears intact and displays well. Outside of the obvious losses, they are intact with nice deposits. At the neck are impressed dots and carved linear geometric decoration. A fine example of pre columbian chavin a very rare type. 3″ pre columbian chavin across x 3″ tall. This very rare type exhibits strong Teotihuacan influence that is shown most prominently in the facial features, but can also be seen the pre columbian chavin freely-modeled coil-form arms and legs. All are round, spherical shapes and are decorated with two small zoomorphic adornos. Along with a strand of fifteen sodalite tubular and disk shaped beads. Buff terracotta kneeling mother holding a child. 7″ tall x 7. For similar examples of this type and additional information see “Ancient West Mexico – Art & Archaeology of the Unknown Past” by Richard Townsend. Areas of wear and fraying along with some losses and tattered edges, but is a nice example that shows exceptional craftsmanship. Poporo are lime containers used in the consumption of coca. Two points pre columbian chavin have a glued break. Original Leventhal COA is also included. The vessel has a flat bottom, the body is rounded and topped by a realistically sculpted head and a wide flared spout. Nicely adorned with a large triangular nose ornament and double-lobed ear ornaments. Across the upper 60189 Pump Power torso is a feathered cloak along with feathered headdress pre columbian chavin and back assemblage. These hand-held stone tools were used by fishermen in the weaving and mending of fishnets. There is a five inch long (stable) crack on one side, otherwise completely intact and original with no repairs or restoration. The top of the vessel is nicely decorated (a rare feature) with carved vertical lines and triangular patterns filled with pierced dots. His clothing is decorated with incised designs and raised concentric circles. One arm restored. Some have minor chips, dings and paint loss, but all are generally intact. Please ask if you would like additional photos or more in-depth descriptions. The figure is incorporated into and Antique 14k White Gold 35ct Genuine Diamond emerges from a tall cylindrical vessel that flares outward at the top and bottom. There are three sizes here, pre columbian chavin possibly representing different monetary denominations. Constructed of light gray terracotta clay with considerable red cinnabar pigment remaining overall. The upper section is pre columbian chavin an elaborately embellished dome. Antique Diamond Multi Gold General surface pre columbian chavin wear and ample deposits present. A small tear at the rim along with other minor rim losses and edge wear. Typical tan clay with areas of black fire-clouding. Stamp #2 (right). Shallow bowl with a fish motif; head at one end and tail at the other with long ‘fins’ down both sides. $625 Moche Fineline Canchero Peru 350 AD – 600 AD A Moche Canchero from Peru. A sizable example that displays dramatically on the metal tripod ring stand which is included. Some surface erosion, Antique 18k White Gold Filigree Ring Diamonds mainly on the bottom and shows nice deposits. Lynn Langdon. 7″ tall x 5″ across. Mortar is approx 4″ across x 1″ tall. Constructed of reddish earthenware covered overall in a cream slip with red, orange and black painted designs, typical of the type. 5″ across SOLD Shipibo Pottery The Shipibo items have been relocated. Light deposits along with minor scrapes and dings, all consistent with age. The lime pot and dipper would have been used for the ingestion of Coca or other hallucinogenic substances. The Rare Scotty Cameron Futura Phantom Mallet Test exterior shows applique facial features and complex incised pre columbian chavin geometric patterns. As is typical, it is shown in the seated position and has shortened, bulbous legs tapering to the feet. 4″ across x 4″ tall. Light colored terracotta construction with no paint visible. The smaller tripod is intact with light erosion and paint loss. Some surface pitting has been Pair Of Great Antique Tiffany Co filled and moderate paint touch ups on the exterior. Somewhat crudely made and thick walled, typical of the period. A small hole and crack just below the handle on one side have 150 Ct 3 Stone 14K Round been restored. 7″ pre columbian chavin across x 5. $3250 Small Colima Olla West Mexico 300 BC pre columbian chavin – Antique Mission Oak Library 300 AD Small Colima pottery olla from Western Mexico. Nazca Peppers Stirrup Vessel Peru 200 AD – 600 AD A small Nazca pottery stirrup vessel from ancient Peru. Sometimes called ‘flat figures’, all are of the typical style, hair parted in the middle with slanted coffee-bean eyes and wearing necklaces and ear spools. Stobinsky collection of Florida. 25″ tall x 5″ across the feet. 75″ long x 1. Somewhat diminutive in size. A piece pre columbian Antique English Pottery Prattware Pearlware Figure Of chavin of one corner appears to have been reattached, but it is all original with some scrapes, minor edge chipping and light wear from age and usage as would be expected. The interior shows medium Antique 19th Century Victorian to heavy deposits and some light pitting (spalling) mostly near the bottom.

Although llamas were not native to Costa Rica, vessels like this suggest that they were certainly aware of their existence in cultures to the south. Some surface pitting, mostly around the spouts and handle. Burnished surface and ample deposits present. Both pre columbian chavin of similar form with rounded bodies, tall spouts and thick strap handles. Their hands are gesturing forward toward speech scrolls. The interior is blackened with soot build up from use in ancient times. They probably date to the Mid 20th Century, but could be earlier. Also has two raised ear-like tufts pre columbian chavin on either side of the center crest. A nice example and a rare type. Seldom seen. He is identified as having a human face with slanted eyes and tattoos. $400 Remojadas Sonriente Vera Cruz, Mexico 600 AD – 900 AD A rare and exceptional Sonriente figure from the Remojadas region of ancient Veracruz. The figure depicts a seated warrior with one arm resting across the knees, the other arm held up to the towering headdress that forms the top of the vessel. Just under 8″ across x 3″ tall. During such altered states of consciousness, shamans would communicate with spiritual beings as well as the deceased, and travel on shamanic journeys in the supernatural realm. Minor surface losses, general wear overall and deposits present. Vessel #2, Center (top) – Incised linear pre columbian chavin and scroll designs around the upper shoulder. The exterior surface is decorated around the middle and surrounding the nodes with angular geometric designs. A very rare form and seldom seen type. The whistle works perfectly and has a loud, deep, resonating tone. Loretto; one of the best Jemez potters. Intricately painted with undulating linear designs on the upper half and a star design below the spout. 25″ tall x 7″ across $1250 Teotihuacan Tripod Vessel Mexico 300 AD – 400 AD A medium-large Teotihuacan tripod vessel dating to the Early Xolalpan Period. The tips pre columbian chavin of the legs are restored; otherwise intact. The form shows Cocle style influence. He sits with legs slightly bent and there is a third tripod support leg at the back. $165 Chinesco Kneeling Figure Mexico 200 BC – 100 AD An exceptional Chinesco figure from the northern region of ancient Jalisco. This example is constructed of buff terracotta and is in very good condition. A few dings 1709 1012 Cylinder Head With Valves and scratches, light surface Heart Diamond Unique Engagement Halo Pre Set Romance Of The Sea By Wallace wear and deposits as would be expected and is consistent with age and extended burial. Standing pre columbian chavin proudly with arms to his sides wearing a long tunic (poncho) that flares outward at the knees. California pre columbian chavin private collection. In fair to good condition. Rectangular shape with rounded corners and still retains a nice reflective surface. The dome retained the heat within and allowed the incense offering to Dekara Platinum Round Cut Diamond 5 Stone smolder and emit 4×6 Wool & Silk Black smoke from beneath the bottom edge. Dunham collection of Seattle, WA. Private pre columbian chavin California collection. Riddick, pre columbian chavin Jr.

8″ tall on the stand. The front pre columbian chavin of the headdress shows a central medallion depicting ‘Glyph C’. Some minor chips remain. Similar tools have also been found at ancient sites on the Island of La Plata off the coast of Ecuador. $675 Chimu – Inca Achira Vessel Peru 1100 AD – 1450 AD An unusual Chimu – Inca blackware Achira vessel from ancient Peru. $500 Lambayeque Shaman Vessel Peru 700 AD – 1500 AD A gorgeous Lambayeque whistle vessel from ancient Peru. Otherwise near choice with nice deposits. Two of the legs have been reattached with restored breaks. Some light paint enhancements, pre columbian chavin otherwise all original and completely intact. Figural Pestles Costa Rica 400 AD – 800 AD Three rare pottery pestles from Costa Rica’s Atlantic Watershed Region. Elegant form with integrated loop handles and in perfect condition – $250 2) Simple olla (left) – Approx. A pre columbian chavin sizable example that displays dramatically. The eyes and nose are sculpted in high relief with pierced pre columbian chavin nostrils and slit mouth. Shows some light surface wear as would be expected.

Each leg is decorated with a zoomorphic being. Of course, pre columbian chavin each item is guaranteed to be authentic and as described. An exceptional and unique example. Never broken, it is structurally intact with a surface and patina in an Antique Compo Rare 11 C1934 Ideal Shirley excellent state of preservation, virtually mint. Both pre columbian chavin are unsigned. Nicely burnished brownware surface with light deposits inside pre columbian chavin and out.

Pair Antique 18th Century Venetian Mirrors

I hope you enjoy your visit, new items listed as I get Antique Chinese Famile Noir Reticulated them finished. Keeper is new, key body is old, but newly fitted to this lock, key esc is original.

Only 4-6 sets left. There will be no shuttle service pair antique 18th for this session. 108-0322 pair antique 18th $110. 108-0328 Straight 108-0329 Flanged $18. This lovely couple just finished renovating a great 70 year old home in a really chic area of Charleston. Original, rare mounting type for M. 00 Brass Knob with Small Rings in Face Under 2″ Dia 1900’s Production Date With Small Stamped Ring in face. 00 Glass, 8 Sided Knob, on Large Dia Base About 2-3 pair antique 18th 8″ Dia, same base as # 340 above Same base as above, priced as a single knob,with rose and adjustable spindle, for 2 knobs, add $26. Our preference will be to sell these with our locks. The other locks when finished will be priced in this same range. All parts are Original, knobs, key, escutcheon, and keeper. The Locust Grove Afternoon Lecture Series is held the first Wednesday of each month. DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR CREDIT CARD. Are taken for me by Pay Pal. Reservations are pair antique 18th not required. VERY SPECIAL Carpenter Retracting bolt 9-1 4″ x 5-3 4″ RH iron lock. 108-0319 $145. Priced as a pair complete–till I run out of roses for them–we will change this listing asap if we sell all the sets now on hand. 00 Flanged Black China Knobs, Standard Pattern About 2-1 4″ Dia With straight shank, for Cast Iron Rose Antique Set Of 7 and standard spindles. Only several sets left 108-0338 $18. Clean and ready to mount, buy all 3 pair and shipping and prime painting is free. 00 Forged & Turned Brass Knobs 2-1 8″ Dia, with a 1-3 4″ turned center Rings in face are 1-3 4″ Dia, forged or heavy stamped insert. Dark metal and Hot Wax finish will pair antique 18th go well for informal settings. 00 Carpenter Style, Retracting bolt Lock RH, 9-1 4″ Wide x 5-3 4″ High. 103-0279 A-$38. Dessert and coffee are served at 1:00 pm with the lecture immediately following at 1:15 pm. Almost no hinge wear, for many years of continued service. 00 Cast Iron Lock, & Hinges as a Set R or L Hand use, Lock 3-3 8″ Wide, Hinges 3-1 2″ Square Cast Iron Lock, and Finial Hinge Pr, as a set, priced complete with all fittings ready to use. 00 Hand Forged Small Slide Bolts R or pair antique 18th L Hand use. Priced as pair antique 18th a pair, complete. Brass applied trim with Gold finished highlighting, lock and keeper surface are dark stain with a hot wax applied over that and polished. Use on any closet or storage area, with a separate way to hold the door closed. NOTE outside pair antique 18th entry if locked! Fits most China knob bases, that are 5 8″ dia. Basilica AvenueHanahan, SC 29410onThursday, July 26Friday, July 27Saturday, July 28Sunday, July 29from1:00 PM pair antique 18th to 4:00 PM HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:MAITLAND SMITH KING SIZE FOUR POSTER RICE HONDURAN FLAME MAHOGANY BEDLANE CHESTNUT LEATHER SOFATHOMASVILLE EAT IN KITCHEN CHAIRSLENOX PRESIDENTIAL COLLECTION “HANCOCK” DINNERWAREROYAL SIGNET ZEH SCHRZER BLACKBERRY TEA CUPSMYOTT, SON & CO. Cast Iron shank, takes standard C. These are good for a rather heavy door, as they are thicker than others this size. Brass shanks, use standard pair antique 18th Roses, and standard spindles.

00 Forged and Machined Lift Off RH Only, 10″ High Plus Finials pair antique 18th Special Hinge Pair. 00 Decorated Cast Iron Hinge, Set of 3 3-1 2″ x 3″. 00 Shutter Hardware Set Both R & L AS pair antique 18th A LOT–WILL DO 10 WINDOWS, 20 Pr of hinges total. 108-0337 pair antique 18th $36. 108-0335 pair antique 18th $48. This one owner, well maintained home includes: Large family room with wood burning fireplace, custom built-in cabinets shelving, and beautiful solid brick wall; Eat-in kitchen with stainless steel appliances, tiled flooring, breakfast dining area and an abundance of counter and cabinet space; Formal living room; Separate dining room with wood flooring, crown molding and chair rail; Large master suite with wood burning fireplace; Huge bonus room pair antique 18th with full bath that can be accessed by private staircase or thru the master suite. Priced per pair complete. NOTE: ENTRY FROM OUTSIDE IS ONLY WITH KEY ONLY–NO OUTSIDE KNOB. And his Brother George Ball, formed the Company called Ball and Ball. Original drive pintles with pair antique 18th New Pins. 00 Cast Iron Decorated Face Butts 3″ x 3″ plus finials, only this set available Both RH and LH sides, 1 Pr Each for Each Window, Lot Priced. Nice crisp decoration casting. Rare to have it’s original folding style key, I do not have a key escutcheon for it–but will come up with somehting that will be right. 00 Cast Iron Slide Bolt R or L Hand use, 5″ wide x 1-7 8″ High, many like this on hand.


102 Carpenter Locks, All types with lift or retracting bolt but originals only. 18th Century through Victorian Copyright TCS Antiques – – – BELLE HALL PLANTATION RETRO UNIQUE QUALITY ART ANTIQUES & MORE pair antique 18th ESTATE SALE IN MT. 103 Dead Bolt Locks, Plate Latches And Thumb Latches ITEM PRICE DESCRIPTION VIEW SLIDESHOW 103-0147 $22. Box Style ‘plate latch’ uses all the same parts as most square plate latches, pair antique 18th but inside a box, not exposed as they are. One & one-half (1-1 2) Pr available, 3-1 2 x pair antique 18th 3″ Cast Iron Decorated surface Butt hinges with finials. Visit: for registration information Aug01Afternoon Lecture SeriesWednesday, 1:15pm – 3:00pm Faces & Places in Kentucky Quilts & Textiles Sandy Staebell Quilts and other textiles frequently use faces and places that are tied to memory and provide a sense of identity, family, or place. 107-0216 $185. 00 Dead Bolt, Cast Iron, Late 1800’s L or R Hand use, 5″ Wide x 3-1 2″ High, Dead Bolt, heavy Cast Iron case and keeper. 108 Door Knobs, Drops, Levers, Key Esc, and Misc others ITEM PRICE DESCRIPTION VIEW SLIDESHOW 108-0143 $7. Priced as a Pair, 2 knobs, 2 roses, 1 spindle, complete.

00 to the single price. This is the first of several original French locks I have to restore and post. Rose, and standard spindle. Priced as a pair, with 2 roses, 1 spindle, complete. 1932 BALL AND BALL HISTORY 2015 pair antique 18th 83 years ago; my Father, William Ball Jr. 3″ pair antique 18th to 4-1 2″ long, Details as listed below. Discover life pair antique 18th in Antique Fish Serving Set By the 18th and 19th centuries for the first European settlers and American Indians. The things for sale are not remnants, but great things that would not fit into their “new” home. 00 Oval Brass Knobs, For 1700’s period locks 1-3 4″ x 1-3 8″ BRASS, OVAL KNOB, Use with Brass or Iron Rim Locks. The raised bolt end ones can be used on ‘out swinging doors’ (like bathrooms), or inside large double door cupboards, to lock the inactive door. The lock is 3-3 8 w x 4-1 2″ high, No Makers mark shows. 107-0215 pair antique 18th $35. Ask if you want more pair antique 18th photos or info.

00 Glass, 8 Sided Knob, on Small Dia Base 2-1 2″ Dia Knob with ‘Normal’ Size Base ON SMALL, NORMAL BASE. Summer Used Book SaleThe Summer Used Book Sale returns pair antique 18th August 17-19, with stacks and shelves and rows of over 25,000 cookbooks, histories, mysteries, travelogues, and so much more! Only several of these on hand. PLEASE NOTE: Drop off and pick up will take place at Locust Grove. HAPPY SHOPPING Copyright 1943 – 2016 TCS Antiques, All Rights Reserved. This program was funded in part by the Kentucky Humanities Council, Inc. 50 ea Bathroom Door Locking Rosette 2-1 2″ Dia with Locking Lever 6 Pieces, Brass Locking Knob Rosettes, the china Knob lever, swings over the spindle, will work on Mortise Locks or the ‘other’ side of a small surface lock. 4 sets pair antique 18th available now. Antique Early Large Grouping Royal Vienna 00 Brass Queen Anne Rim Lock LH, 6″ W x 3-1 4″ pair antique 18th High, Complete with period knobs. Double Throw bolt extends about 1″. Very Small 5″x3″ Right Hand latch, this one has a bottom slide bolt, and a “rustic” dark metal under a hot wax finish. The name still shows when the latch is mounted in place to use. With bottom slide, use on bath or bedroom door, I do not want to make a key. 00 Moravian Box Latch RH, 5″ Wide x 3″ High Moravian Latch, the Outside Handle un-screws, and that door is “locked”, return and put the handle back on and walk into the house. 101-0528 $630. 00 Dead Bolt, Hand Forged Case, Complete RH, 5-3 4″ Wide x 3″ High Iron pair antique 18th Dead Bolt–no knob operation, use on any door that does not get traffic, secure closet, or basement door. 104 Cast Iron Case Surface Mount Locks, Antique Vintage Stained Glass Arts All Periods, And Brass Works ITEM PRICE DESCRIPTION VIEW SLIDESHOW 104-0186 $85. Others with normal screw mounts, roses will almost always need to pair antique 18th be made for these–there is no standard size. Specify maximum length for each pair antique 18th application, new keepers will be supplied for all, photos on request. 108-0336 pair antique 18th $68. Slide Bolt with 1 2″ bolt diameter, complete ready to install. 00 White China Knob, with Brass Center Piece About 2-1 4″ Dia WHITE CHINA KNOB WITH Metal ‘button’ in middle. This hands-on pair antique 18th camp will take kids on a time-traveling adventure! 00 Dutch Elbow Lock, late 1800’s LH 5-1 2″ Wide x 4-1 2″ High Dutch Elbow Lock, this is a late one, with rounded corners, it has not been restored, but is in very good servicable condition now. Priced pair antique 18th complete with period knobs also. 00 Flanged Brown China Knob, Standard Pattern About 2-1 4″ Dia With straight shank for Cast Iron Rose and standard spindle. But could be used anwhere they would look right today. 107-0574 $88. Complete with mounting screws 107-0456 $84. 00 pair antique 18th Straight $28. Uses pair antique 18th a standard rose and spindle. 00 each Hand Forged Pull Handles About 12″ High x 3″ wide, close shapes–but not matching–order? 00 Straight $23. 00 Straight $36. 00 Bennington and Brass–A “Marriage” About 2-1 4″ Dia It was an Epoxy event. Some of the items include such names as TIFFANY, REMINGTON, WEISS, MAITLAND SMITH, LENOX, ROYAL DOULTON, THOMASVILLE, LANE, MADAME ALEXANDER, ONEIDA STERLING SILVER, JEROMES, GILBERT, GRANT & CO AND SO MUCH MOREThe FOUR (4) Day Salewill be held On-Site at45 S. For most you will need to send me the exact pair antique 18th door thickness to properly fit them. Uses normal pair antique 18th rose and spindle. 00 Mercury Glass, with Large Dia Brass Base 2-3 8″ Dia, Base is suited only for a mortise lock–not surface lock Used a round cast brass rose, and a very special spindle–we have managed to make them adjustable, these are perhaps the best knob made from glass. 00 Straight $19. Limited pair antique 18th supply. 00 Wood, Turned Knob, with 3 lines in border About 2-1 4″ Dia, many with Brass Mounting Shanks. The Brass Knob slide bolt shown is typical of some still on hand, priced as type “A” above. FREDERIC pair antique 18th REMINGTON “CHEYENNE” 20 1 4 x 25 x 8 in. 00 orders will ship right away. This lock with all original parts in working pair antique 18th order is rare. 108-0334 $54. ITEM PRICE DESCRIPTION VIEW SLIDESHOW 102-0166 $665. 108-0339 pair antique 18th $38. In some, these images were based on real-life individuals such as President George Washington and Kentuckians Henry Clay, George Rogers Clark, and Robert Penn Warren, while in others they were inspired by fictional characters such as Don Quixote or children, real and or imagined. There is also a 2 car attached garage with built in work bench and side entry door leading pair antique 18th to the well manicured Antique English Porcelain Apothecary Jar Adeps large backyard with patio and privacy fence. Flanged price 1 straight shank, 1 flanged shank, plus fittings, for surface mounted lock use. 101-0471 SOLD Molded Edge Lock 8-1 8 x 5-3 4″ Left Hand Molded Edge Lock from late 1700’s. Also available Antique English Sterling Silver & Porcelain Espresso are matching levers to the knob on it now. Antique 1910 Italian Examples of “places” found in textiles include state quilts, governmental buildings, churches, pair antique 18th and honeymoon cottages. Refunds will be made as your payment was, shipping both ways will be at Antique Art Deco your expense, and a returned item must be complete, and as it was when shipped. Sandy Staebell is the Registrar and Collections Curator at the Kentucky pair antique 18th Museum at Western Kentucky University. Made by SARGENT AND pair antique 18th CO, probably 1860’s? New keeper and screws, other parts original. THIS IS RIGHT HAND USE ONLY, THEY CAN Antique Spanish Wrought NOT BE CHANGED, BUT WE COULD MAKE A MATCHING PAIR IF YOU NEED THEM. 108-0324 $26. 109-0470 $265. Payment by Credit Cards: AmEx, Disc, MC, PayPal, and Visa. In the early years, reproduction antique furniture hardware pair antique 18th was their only product. ENGLAND “BERMUDA” BLUE AND WHITE CHINAROYAL DOULTON CARLYLE SANDLAND WARE STAFFORDSHIRE ENGLAND PINK LUSTRE SAUCES COMPOTES BOX FULL OF PRESTIGE SILVER PLATE FLATWAREWATERFORDGODINGER SILVER PLATE ORNATE CANDLE HOLDERSVERA WANG SILVER PLATE ICE CREAM SCOOP W BOX ANTIQUE CRYSTAL GOLD TRIMMED 8 PLATES, CAKE STAND & BERRY OR WHIPPED CREAM BOWLL. NO chips, scratches, or black marks like this photo shows. , Plus Finials PRICE PER THREE. 1981 TCS ANTIQUES HISTORY 2015 pair antique 18th This TCS Antiques site is dedicated to listing items from my 58 years of collecting, now carefully restored by me, and offered here and in the Ball and Ball showroom for sale. 00 Dutch pair antique 18th Elbow Lock, Early 1700’s LH Shown Ask for Details, of all this type of lock on hand.

Antique Chinese Rose Medallion Porcelain Pair Of Lamps

Another characteristic of Samson is that its glaze is too clean and glassy and this can antique chinese rose be best seen where it accumulates inside foot rims. Most pieces are decorated with birds, flowers and rock-work and occasionally poems. One antique chinese rose of the finest groups of Yongzheng export porcelains are the ‘eggshell’ wares which sometimes have a ruby back. In appreciation antique chinese Magnificent Antique Sterling Silver Enamel Compact rose of your sponsorship, you will have access to additional information and reference materials on this website.

Large numbers of famille-rose services with family armorials were made for export to Europe but the Kangxi and Yongzheng examples are somewhat rare. In the Guimet Museum in Paris there is a pair of famille-rose cups inscribed by the Jingdezhen potter with “I L” the mark for Jaques Laudin (1627-1695), antique chinese rose a maker of cloisonn wares at Limoges. For Imperial use the best famille-rose is called Gu Yue Xuan where some of the motives were inspired by the Italian painter Castiglione. The resulting glaze enhanced the effect of the coloured enamels. Possibly it was first used antique chinese rose on Canton enamel.

It is worth noting that like the famille-verte wares famille-rose was much copied in nineteenth century Europe, particularly antique chinese rose by Samson. In genuine pieces antique chinese rose the enamels are usually much thicker than that found on most copies including those by Samson. However, I think it is more likely that the introduction of this enamel was the result of the Jesuits being aware of its use by European enamellers at Limoges or some of the German factories where the rose coloured enamel on copper had been in use prior to its discovery by Andreas Cassius. Chinese antique chinese rose porcelain Terms Glossary Discussion Board. The best way of detecting some of the good copies is by closely antique chinese rose looking at the drawing which is somewhat stiff particularly in the cartouches on the rim bands. It is also antique chinese Rh 2013 Scotty Cameron Callifornia Sonoma 1st rose worth noting that the halo round the enamels is also a useful guide to the authenticity of a piece. To view antique chinese rose map, please click. There are one or two dateable early Canton enamel pieces where the enamel is quite poor.

In Qing famille-rose enamelled wares the glaze is different from that used for under-glaze blue, according to Pere d’Entrecolles the glaze was made more opaque by the addition of liquefied fern ash. Members of the British Antique Dealers’ AssociationDealers for over 40 years in Antique Asian and European Ceramics and Works of Art 2013-2018 +44 (0)20 7408 1252+44 (0)20 7499 1445 Ceramics for Sale on website My Ceramics sale on Ebay My Blog on Chinese Ancient Ceramics History of Chinese Porcelain Ming Blue and white Henan Ceramics Cizhou wares antique chinese rose Qianjiang Ceramics Famous kilns Ceramics Shards Chinese Ceramics in Museums Celadon Wares Qingbai Shufu Ding cizhou Xing Wares Fujian Trade Ceramics YinLiuZhai Collection Shipwrecks Information Symbolism on Chinese Ceramics Glossary Southeast Asian Ceramics Interesting Articles on Ceramics Chinese Ceramics development Chart Currency Converter Donation This Bakhtiari Rug Checked Multi Colored Hand Woven map shows the location of some of the important ancient chinese ceramics. There are antique chinese rose various theories as to how this enamel came to be used in China, Antique Pottery Storage Jar Southern Stoare one suggestion is that it was invented by Andreas Cassius of Leyden in the 17th century and found its way to China through the Jesuits, possibly by courtesy of Guiseppe Castiglione. Peire antique chinese rose d’Entrecolles also states that in the case of Qing porcelain where the enamels were to be finely shaded an additional enamelled coating was added to the glaze using a white powder composed of a Antique Boutte Pocket Watch Remontoir18j Movement type of quartz sand mixed with lead powder, this technique was used on cloisonn wares from Limoges. These again are much copied.

The enamels became far less clean and translucent and the drawing not so fine. The very distinctive four character seal marks are written in over-glaze blue enamel (with the exception of a few produced in the Yongzheng period) which on close examination have an iridescent halo. The Antique Russian Icon Painting Of Christ body Armand Marseille 20 Antique Doll A2m Germany of the genuine pieces is extremely white both the glaze and the body are primarily composed of petuntse fired together at a very antique chinese rose high temperature giving them a gem-like quality. I have highlighted and provided some information on my facebook postings. Antique Victorian Figure With Antique French Bench French Provincial Bench Antique Chinese Pottery and Porcelain book recommendations. During the Kangxi period the rims of bowls tended to be quite thin whereas later on the rims were inclined to be thicker, the thickness and weight of the bases of 18th century bowls were nicely balanced to the rest of the dish or bowl but in the 19th century the most of the weight often resided in the base. To view map and find out details of Antique Japanese 3 Piece Soap Dish the shipwrecks and their significance, please click. In early eighteenth century Chinese famille-rose was sometimes referred to as ‘fencai’ meaning foreign colour. Unfortunately, these are Pair Of Antique well copied not antique chinese rose only by Samson in France but also by in Hungary. On genuine pieces the flowers have lively Spring-like quality whereas on the copies the antique chinese rose flowers look in need of watering. To find out more you can join me on facebook. You can also click on the photo of a particular ceramics vessel and read article to find out more details. This map shows the location of some of the known shipwrecks in Southeast antique chinese rose Asia and Southern China. In the subsequent Qianlong period the quality on the export wares started to deteriorate antique chinese rose quite rapidly. In the Antique Art Nouveau French Locket Imperial antique chinese rose porcelain the quality remained much higher.

Chinese and Japanese Porcelain email questions Chinese and Japanese Porcelain 1800s Antique Asian Tibetan Chinese Questions Complete Periodic Table Pack and Answers Chinese Ming Pottery and Porcelain Chinese Export Porcelain Chinese Imari Porcelain Chinese and Japanese Chinese porcelain marks, Virginia Military Institute Class Of seals and back stamps Chinese Porcelain Japanese porcelain Chinese export porcelain standard pattern, Antique Chinese Porcelain Ming dynasty Antique Chinese Porcelain marks. Antique Chinese Porcelain Help and Information Antique antique chinese rose Chinese and Japanese Porcelain collectors information page. Please read the terms and conditions on use of the site. The Samson copies at their best can antique chinese rose be quite good. There are antique chinese rose currently voluminous information on chinese ceramics from many kilns both discovered by archaeologists and ceramics enthuiasts in the chinese sources on the web. Hoi an shipwreck Vietnamese blue and white plate Ming Jiajing plate with chilin motif Ming Hongzhi plate with lady in garden If you find the information on this website useful and would like to contribute financially Fine Late 18th C English Oil Painting to its continued operation and maintenance, you are welcome to make a donation. The fine and delicate decoration with fine shading to the enamels on Yongzheng porcelain had a feminine quality unlike the famille-verte porcelain made in the preceding period of Kangxi, when the decoration Diamond Antique Filigree Engagement Ring 58 Ctw tended to antique chinese rose be very much stronger. On famille-rose porcelain made at Jingdezhen (This factory Buy 14K Rose Gold Round Cut Brown was restarted in 1683 after its destruction during the Qing defeat of the Ming earlier in the century) the enamel was not initially as clean and translucent as it quickly became in the Yongzheng period when it reached its qualitative peak. Antique Chinese Porcelain & Japanese Porcelain, European Ceramics & Works of Art Anthony Gray: Antique Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Anthony Gray: Antique Chinese Famille Rose Porcelain Buy 14K Rose 850Ct Turquoise 300Ct Diamond Chinese famille-rose porcelain refers to Chinese porcelain decorated with predominantly pink coloured enamel, made from colloidal gold, which was first antique chinese rose used in the late Kangxi period.

Some of the best books for further reading antique chinese rose are: China for the West David Howard and John Ayers Pub Sotheby Park Bernet. Copies often got the potting wrong. Gain full access to site information, click to be a sponsor New user is advised to read this Guide which will facilitate navigation of the site.

Antique Gilt Carved Wood Wall Brackets Of Bacchants

Nice heavy duty sword cane. Cane is in good condition and could be used. Mahogany shaft. GOLD antique gilt carved HANDLE CANE. $575 ANTIQUE DAGGER CANE. First, Determine if the “Antique Furniture” is Old — If it’s not old, it can’t be antique or valuable! Below the deer horn handle is copper wrapped with the date. The closer the tip of the reflected Image IS to the tip of the actual key, the more likely it is Antique Huge Northwest Coast that the glass is old. Most of the information below was garnered from the Antiques Roadshow Primer, but it is not complete. $625 VINTAGE NEIMAN-MARCUS PURSE CANE. $395 ANTIQUE CANE SWORD. Nice old cane for the money. Old bamboo sword cane silver handle. ) Antique Period table pedestals are antique gilt carved often reinforced with a hand-hammered metal disk or a tri-part metal strap where the legs join.

Twentieth-century tables may be reinforced with large, crimped staples.

Until 1800, all the antique mirror glass in Czech Crystal Chandelier C1930 America was imported. CILSS Is My Antique Furniture Valuable? $495 ANTIQUE antique gilt carved SWORD CANE. Remove one screw in some inconspicuous spot. ) Modern veneers are antique gilt carved thin, with every slice exactly the same width. The bonnet-top highboy is usually the most antique gilt carved valuable type. Carved handle of a dog and a puppy. $375 RARE HORN SHAFT IVORY HANDLE CANE RARE Handle is Ivory and the shaft is horn. Antique 19th C Paisley Wool Shawl Elegant Mother Of Pearl Inlaid The more ornate design requires more handwork. Exceptionally antique 18k White Gold Antique Vintage gilt carved large pieces of furniture-pieces that are too big Amazing Pattern Handmade for modern homes and apartments-are always less desirable than smaller, more versatile pieces. $375 OLD SWORD CANE. $1395 OLD HORN HANDLE CANE. (Sometimes these have been recently added to an Antique 1865 Bailly Bronzed Zinc Abraham Lincoln old piece. The other two usually require time, research, and experience — and probably the help of an expert-to apply accurately — Three other elements — patina, finish, and color-are also important Antique Austin Adding in considering furniture’s value. Here is a nice gold handle cane. Brass ferrule. The slot in the head may be off-center.

Very fancy shaft and in great condition. To gather and bring you good antiques furniture information. Fine, vigorous carving on a piece of American Chippendale antique furniture generally Antique Estate Art Deco increases its value. 2004-2016 CILSS. “Fancy chairs” – delicate side and arm chairs decorated with gilt and paint – lose most of their resale value — if they antique 1746 Popple Key Map Of gilt carved have been repainted. Antique Chairs Antique Desks Antique Country Furniture Well Quilted Vintage antique gilt carved Antique Tables Antique Bedroom Furniture & Dressings Antique Cast Iron Furniture Tips on Buying and Selling Antique Furniture Is My Antique Furniture Valuable? $350 OLD GOLD HANDLE CANE. $595 All Rights Reserved. A one-board top, made from a single piece of wood, is a good indication of age. Good collectiable cane or good for use. Thus Antique 14k White Gold Old Miner a wing chair with cabriole legs (curved legs ending in an ornamental foot) is more valuable than a block-leg chair, for instance. Terms of Use and Disclaimer Buy, Sell & Trade Civil War Collectibles Catalog click on item for larger view Antique Canes For Sale – LION HEAD SWORD CANE. (Scratch through in an inconspicuous area to check for layers of paint. Really nice solid wood and good antique gilt carved and tight. Gold handle cane maker marked B. Value, in furniture, depends chiefly on four criteria — rarity, provenance, quality, and condition. $625 ANTIQUE IVORY DOG HANDLE CANE. ) Wood antique gilt carved veneers on are of thick and somewhat irregular widths, rather like home-sliced bread. Handle is very fancy with lots of decorations and engravings. $295 OLD SWORD CANE. $550 ANTIQUE CANE POOL STICK. All antique gilt carved rights reserved.

If you want more of the same type of information, we highly recommend you purchase the Antique Vintage Japanese Lacquer Cloisonne book at. Old and antique tables don’t have metal or plastic taps on the bottoms of their feet.

In addition to the aforementioned characteristic (which you should have an expert involved with), there are a few specific details to watch out for when evaluating antique furniture: Replaced mirror glass devalues the antique mirror, even more than the flaking of its Antique Chinese Qing Hongmu Kettle silvered back or (inconspicuous) cracks. If the upholstery is not original, Semi Antique Beige & lift one edge: the antique chair rail to check for the innumerable nail holes which, to a trained eye, are the reassuring sign of many re-upholsterings over the course of a long life. Old cane with double horse heads. 34 1 antique gilt carved 2 $675 ANTIQUE SWORD CANE. $435 antique gilt carved 1880’S SWORD CANE. Cane measures 36 inches long. We will cover antique furniture (English, Antique Toledo Produce Hanging Scale All Original British, and Old World) and a wealth of other related collectibles. IS MY ANTIQUE FURNITURE VALUABLE? Of these, only condition and provenance are fairly simple to establish. This is a antique Fabulous Handmade S gilt carved rare purse cane made by Neiman Rosewood Antique 1915 Vanity Or Dressing Table Marcus. $2500 1853 Horn Cane This Old Cane has the intials B. 1820’s Sword Cane Gold Very nice condition sword cane with blue and gold on blade. Visually — antique gilt carved they haven’t. Antique sword cane wood handle. Now, Antique Early 19c German Or is the “Antique Furniture” Valuable? It is Semi Antique Genuine Persian one important antique gilt carved sign of manufacture after 1840. Look for the distinctive curved pattern left in sawn wood by the teeth of a circular saw. Cane measures 35 antique gilt carved inches long. This is a fancy cane with a Horn handle depicting a snake. E and is dated 1853. FURTHERMORE, Old Turn Of The Century Carved Chinese Table Furniture is not automatically antique. Sword cane with Lion head. $595 HORSE HEAD CANE. Nice antique sword cane in good condition. (You can judge this by noting the veneer edges on the backs of chest tops, for instance, or wherever bits of veneer have broken away. Run your fingers Antique Hemp 19th underneath or over the back of the piece: very sharp edges and corners can indicate recent manufacture. Below we have some great guidelines, but the REAL answer has to antique gilt carved be found from a qualified appraiser. Antique painted cane pool stick. (New screws have sharp points and regular, antique gilt carved evenly spaced threads.

Here is a good old sword cane in great condition. ) Original upholstery lends value to antique seat furniture, especially when it is in good condition. Saber-leg chairs of the Classical period are more valuable than straight or turned-leg chairs, particularly if the feet Antique Byzantine Chain Necklace Cross Crucifix end in carved or brass paws. Nice antique dagger cane. Other Antique Topics Antique Home Furnishings Antique Clocks and their History Antique Extras Antique Upholstered Furniture Antique Dining antique gilt carved Tables More to Come We Try Harder! EVERYBODY antique gilt carved asks this question at one time or A Pair Of Antique another! To determine if antique gilt carved a piece of mirror is old, hold the tip of a key to the glass. Antique glass is thin (less than 1 8 inch thick), variably wavy, and somewhat gray in color. Antique antique gilt carved cane sword with engraved and gold gilt 16 inch blade, curved wood handle Antique Turkish Kilim Rug 22 inch overall. An old antique, handmade screw will have irregular widths between the spirals, running the whole length of the shaft.

Antique Coffee And Tea Set Sterling Silver 1870

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Your comment has been sent to Sellingantiques. 39 seconds Thank you. The use of the word Circa or C. Uk Antique Estate 20ct web visitors to store their Callaway N14 X Hot Combo Set favourite antiques without the need to create an account, help track how many people visit the site and also provide information about what pages are the most least popular which help improve the overall website experience. Copyright 2018 Sellingantiques Ltd – Design, images and content are copyright Sellingantiques Ltd. Cookies antique coffee and The Sellingantiques. All antique coffee and Rights Reserved. SEND COMMENT If you would like to be contacted to discuss your feedback 2016 Mizuno Jpx then please leave a phone number or email address in your message. All communications occur between the buyer and the Lh Adams Golf A12os 12 Piece Set antique dealer, Sellingantiques Ltd is not involved or antique coffee and responsible for terms of Antique Painted Single Door sale.

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Rare Antique Monkey Figure Pottery Clay Chinese Oriental & Embossed Makers Mark

Price: $1,299. The lever has been modified to give a Schutzen grip it holds extremely well. The overall dimensions are 6 5 8″ tall, 11. 00 Magnificent set of heavy, high quality cast rare antique monkey iron antique bookends featuring a pair of bridled horse head framed by a horse shoe by Bradley and Hubbard. Written on the front of the monument and. The overall sculpture stands 10″ tall, 11″ wide, 10″ deep and weighs 12 lbs. Price: $165. Both are marked #501 on the rear. Price: rare antique monkey $1,799. 00 Classic set of signed original polychromed bookends featuring basket overflowing with fruit by Galvano Bronze from the 1920’s. The property of Col. 00 Magnificent rare pair of original art deco antique bookends featuring a female dancing. 00 Magnificent, signed, rare, large and heavy set of art deco antique bookends featuring a rare antique monkey nude female sitting on top of a book singing by Kronheim and Oldenbusch. The Kangaroos are sitting up with their paws. 00 Extremely rare, beautifully crafted, fully figural, original set of antique bookends featuring a Arab Bedouin Sheik with a rifle riding a camel marked with the rare antique monkey Hubley number ‘418’. 00 Elegant set of antique bookends featuring the detailing of a Sheraton style chair back by Bradley rare antique monkey and Hubbard. 00 Very rare, old, classic set of antique cast iron bookends by Hubley. 00 Extremely rare, original, old, and well made solid bronze fold down expandable bookrack bookends from the early 1900’s. 00 Beautiful set of rare antique monkey old, original, signed antique cast iron bookends featuring a Scottie standing on his hind legs looking over a fence by Hubley Manufacturing Antique English Regency Mahogany Tilt Top Company, Lancaster, PA. This set was made by Louis Aronson (Ronson).

5216 A 297 230 rook rifle by Pieper. Apart from Antique French Empire storage marks this gun appears to have had very little use. 00 Magnificent, original set of antique art deco bookends featuring a woman with an ivory painted face and hands sitting on a settee. Circa rare antique monkey 1932. 00 rare antique monkey Old, original antique desk, trinket tray, or, coin dish featuring a hunting dog on the prowl. One is rare antique monkey an Asian child kneeling looking over the book shaped.

00 Extremely rare, large, very heavy pair of original antique cast iron bookends featuring the gorgeous Flamingo bird. 00 Extremely rare set of old original bookends featuring the magnificent Kangaroo on rare antique monkey a granite base. The rifle has good, clean wood. Each bookend stands 7 1 4″ tall, 4″ wide, 4″ deep and weighs 2 lbs. Introduced at rare antique monkey the 1919 Paris Motor Show, this gorgeous car was. 00 Original, polychromed bronze-clad, signed set of antique bookends by sculptor Salvatore Morani and Armor Bronze featuring a child clinging to a ledge in fear of a little frog. Each rare antique monkey bookend stands 6 1 2″ tall, 7 1 2″ long, 2 5 8″ deep and weighs 1 lb. Each bookend stands 5 1 2″ tall, 3 1 2″. 00 Original pink and black art deco set rare antique monkey of gorgeous metal cocker spaniel dogs made by Sellright Giftwares. 00 Outstanding pair of signed bookends featuring a hunting dog climbing a rare antique monkey rock ledge by Ronson. 00 Original set of signed antique bookends featuring Beethoven playing a piano signed by artist John Ruhl and made by the J. This set is beautifully detailed with very sharp features showing the viciousness of the. 00 This is a large, heavy set of art deco antique bookends made by Littlestown Hardware and Foundry, Littlestown, PA known as LITTCO. This large and beautiful vintage lithograph about New Zealand Maori. 00 Very rare set of richly detailed antique bronze bookends depicting a dog seated in front of a doghouse and peering around the corner. 00 Extraordinary pair of very rare signed antique bookends featuring a puppy dog by McClelland Barclay. These are by Louis Aronson the owner founder of Ronson Metal Arts. Both are marked. 00 Beautiful set of antique rare antique monkey bookends featuring a Gazelle grazing by Ronson (Louis Aronson). 00 Extremely rare set of original French art deco antique bookends signed ‘FABRICATION FRANCAIS’ made in Paris, France by the famous French sculptor Auguste Carvin. 00 Old, rare original pair of antique art deco bookends featuring elephants standing on rare antique monkey rocky terrain. 00 Original set of antique art deco green french bronze bookends featuring a bison. This set rare antique monkey was made by Galvano Bronze circa 1918. The gun has a very pretty banded stock. Of rare antique monkey New York. 00 Extremely rare, beautifully detailed set of bronze antique bookends depicting a Tiger with his paws up, mouth open, showing teeth as if he’s roaring. 00 Spectacular, original, signed set of antique cast iron metal bookends featuring an Egyptian camel. 00 Extremely rare set of rare antique monkey antique bookends featuring a Spaniel carrying a rabbit made by Jennings Brothers. Both figures are rare antique monkey signed EUPEN. These were made in the 1920’s. 00 Old, original set of antique solid cast iron bookends featuring the beautiful Boston Terrier made by Hubley Manufacturing Company, Lancaster, PA circa 1920. For all other payments select ‘Print and Call’. 00 Add to CartAdd to Wish ListAdd to Compare Add to Wish ListAdd to CompareHeavenly Trumpets24 x 16cm (9. This set was made by Hubley rare antique monkey Manufacturing Company of Lancaster, PA. His mouth is open as if he is speaking.

These Boston Terrier bookends are rare and well made. Each bookend stands 6″ rare antique monkey tall, 6. 00 This set features a set of antique bookends with two bronze Scottish Terrier dogs per bookend on a full marble base and backplate, and, a bronze Scotty on a marble paperweight. They appear to be a mare and her foal. The large seahorse is rare antique monkey in the center with a baby seahorse on. 00 Very rare, heavy, original pair of antique bookends featuring a Policeman by the Littco Co. PHOENIX ANTIQUE ARMS We accept Rifles & long guns – – – – RIFLES & LONG GUNSThe following items are a selection of the type and quality stock we keep. 00 Add to CartAdd to Wish ListAdd to Compare Add to Wish ListAdd rare antique monkey to CompareA Young Woman Of Otaheite (Tahiti) In The Dress They Assume When Bringing A Present26 x 21 cm (10. It has good clean metal work with a little marking to the right hand side of the receiver. These were made by Littlestown Hardware and Foundry, Littlestown, PA. 00 Rare rare antique monkey signed set of early signed Louis Aronson (Ronson) bookends featuring the beautiful setter dog climbing a rock ledge. 00 This is a rare, original signed set of bookends featuring a discus thrower made by Pompeian Bronze Company, NY, NY. 00 Huge, heavy, rare antique monkey signed original set of antique bookends featuring one side with the horse and rider jumping. 00 Very heavy, high quality set of signed antique bronze bookends made by Weidlich Bros. These bookends could easily be used as doorstops. 00 Outstanding, old, original pair of metal antique horse bookends in a sparkling silver Benetti Abrianna Antique Mahogany Finish Chenille Luxury manufactured by the original PM Craftman in Philadelphia, PA. Price: $899. 00 Wonderful, rare, fully figural set of polychrome cast iron metal Flamingo bookends. 00 Beautiful original Vintage Antique Certified set of French art deco antique bookends featuring a duck standing on a graduated marble pedestal. 00 Very large heavy set of solid bronze bookends depicting rare antique monkey a DOLPHIN RIDING ON A WAVE. They are made of solid bronze in a two tone design with the top sides at an angle. 00 Heavy, original, signed set of cast iron metal bookends depicting a gnome seated on the floor of a library in front of a bookcase by Bradley and Hubbard from the 1920’s. They are original antique silverplate featuring a child and a dog by Weidlich Brothers. 00 Huge, heavy, old set of antique bookends featuring a boy fishing by Kathodian Bronze Works. 00 Extremely rare set of bronze bookends designed and signed by sculptor Paul Beneduce for Galvano Bronze Company. 00 Spectacular set of rare original signed antique bookends featuring a female skier going down a slope. 00 Original, signed, very heavy antique bookends featuring a monk seated holding up a lantern while rare antique monkey reading the book in his lap. They rare antique monkey were made by the Pompeian Bronze Co. Price: rare antique monkey $875. All the metal work and wood retain virtually all original finish. 00 Add to Cart Add to Wish List Add to Compare Out Of Stock Add to Wish List Add to Compare 6 x 9 (15 x 22. 00 This exceptionally rare and collectible set of art deco antique bookends feature the famous ‘Pixie Reader’ by Gerda Gerdago circa 1920. 5132 rare antique monkey A good rimfire American Civil War Joslyn carbine. 00 Fabulous, original set of antique art deco cast iron bookends featuring a girl rare antique monkey dancing and signed 52. 00 A nice set of vintage bookends featuring the stately white Poodle standing with a large gold bow. 00 Well made set of solid brass bookends featuring a horse and rider from England. 5 inches ).

They rare antique monkey are sitting on sleds. 00 Old, original solid brass pair of signed antique bookends depicting a Colonial Man rare antique monkey by Virginia Metalcrafters. Each bookend stands 4 1 8″ tall, 4 3 8″ wide, 3 7 8″ deep and weighs 2. 00 Extremely rare, high quality beautifully detailed antique silver bookends featuring a young child sitting on a decorative pillow reading a book. 00 Vintage solid bronze sculpture rare antique monkey featuring a Britainy spaniel and three game birds perhaps grouse. 00 Heavy, high quality, signed set of antique bookends featuring a goose flying over water by Jennings Brothers. Littco made some of Antique Germany Hand Painted Porcelain Vase the simplest yet finest bookends of the 1920’s. This were designed by the sculptor G. 00 Extremely rare 1940s Antique Mahogany 45 Loveseat Settee W set of antique bronze-clad polychrome bookends signed by sculptor PAUL HERZEL and made by the prestigious POMPEIAN BRONZE COMPANY. This was made by sculptor Robert ‘Bob’ Winship. 00 Extremely rare, large, heavy signed solid bronze bookends by Italian artist Esa Fedrigolli.

This exquisite set of bookends was designed by sculptor Paul Herzel for Pompeian Bronze Company. 00 Heavy, original set of solid cast iron antique bookends featuring an elephant. 00 Classic, very rare pair of very heavy, cast iron antique bookends featuring an accordian player. It is in very good. The Discus Throw is a particularly rare antique monkey iconic sport of the Olympic Games. 00 Original, numbered set of art deco cast iron metal antique bookends of two fish made by Hubley Manufacturing, Lancaster, PA. Original, signed, antique bookends designed by Salvatore Morani and rare antique monkey manufactured by Armor Bronze. The Lioness is sitting in a comfortably with her legs off to one side and her ears back. 00 Large heavy original antique pair of bookends featuring the much beloved Scottish Terrier dog. 00 Nicely detailed set of signed Hubley antique painted cast iron metal bookends depicting a tall basket of flowers. He is accompanied by his dog rare antique monkey sleeping below his chair. 00 Extremely rare, Antique French Renaissance Revival Sideboardbuffet In Walnut signed, antique, expandable, fold down, bookrack by Judd Company made in the 1920’s. 00 Very large, heavy, original set of bookends featuring The Thinker by Armor Bronze Company, New York, New York. He’s crouched down with a bow on one side and his dog on the other. This set was made by Louis Aronson (Ronson) circa 1922. Price: $650. 00 This magnificent pair of signed antique french art deco bookends feature an elegant, graceful swan on a marble base signed by the artist M. This set is signed ‘Carvin’. 00 rare antique monkey Spectacular set of signed, original, antique bronze metal bookends depicting a stallion horse by Jennings Brothers. The Professor is sitting on a ladder stool with a book on his lap flanked by books on the floor in front and on both sides of him. 00 Exceptional set of highly detailed antique bookends by a high quality foundry from the 1920’s and 19030’s known by collectors as X-1. 00 Rare, original set of high quality antique bookends featuring the ‘Three Musketeers’ characters of the Alexandre Dumas historical novel. Iosephi bot et rhonocerosThis rare antique monkey antique copper plate engraving wa. 00 Extremely rare pair of antique bookends featuring a pair of swans presented in a Modernist style by Hubley Manufacturing, Lancaster, PA. 00 Rare solid bronze sculpture featuring a boy dressed as a cowboy with the complete outfit including the guns and holster. We accept Antique Victorian Circa 1890 1900 payments through PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Personal and Business rare antique monkey Checks, Cashier’s Checks, or, Money Orders. Circa rare antique monkey 1940. Each bookend rare antique monkey is formed as a book. 00 Extraordinary set of extremely rare solid bronze bookends featuring a bear standing at a door by Hubley rare antique monkey Manufacturing, Lancaster, PA circa 1920 Price: $1,199. This sculpture rare antique monkey stands 15″ tall, 11 1 2″ long. The rifle has a rare antique monkey fine, un-marked bore. 00 Heavy set of cast iron bookends depicting a lion at rest. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn antique bronze bookends in a polychrome finish by Armor Bronze. 00 Elegant, heavy, original solid brass, or, bronze folding expandable bookrack Neoclassical Style Still slider signed Bradley and Hubbard circa 1900. 00 Original pair of antique cast iron bookends featuring an Arabian Sheik by Hubley Manufacturing. Very funny. Marked France. The rifle retains a high percentage of original finish to the metalwork and wood. 00 Spectacular, old, original multi-colored antique Austrian bronze bird bookends depicting pheasants. 00 Add to Cart Add to Wish List Add to Compare Add to Wish List Add to Compare 26. 00 This set of metal antique bookends features the stately Wolfhound, or, Borzoi dog, fully figural on a weighted base.