Antique 1787 English Sterling Silver Classic Form Swan Crest Candlesticks

Original Cogswell & Harrison trade label, all fine original green baize lining, worn only where contacted by foresight. Pistols, which were the last in a L. Reduced to $3,200 back to top 1722) Excellent Cased Model 1867 Mk II Adams Revolver. 1650) with this same sort of grip – apparently, this unique form developed early on the Iberian Peninsula, and has no special connection with Catalonia. 42 3 4″ barrel. $75 back to top 1875) Bavarian Wall Gun (Wallbuchse) Model 1824 60. Length of hull 13 antique 1787 english 3 4″, length o. The form of this cutlass follows that of the Royal Navy’s Pattern 1845 cutlass, though the Navy’s cutlass had an all-iron, black painted hilt. Original top antique 1787 english jaw and screw. Scabbard in fine condition, showing some antique 1787 english wear, original shoulder strap. Hilt of Type 2 style, retaining much original gilding (to match the gilding on blade), brass cat’s head pommel with face of mustachioed warrior. 32″ single antique 1787 english edge blade etched with miltary trophies, floral designs, etc. Action, indexing, work fine, though I suspect the tip of the trigger sear is chipped slightly so as to shorten it a bit since the hammer rests a little further forward than usual in the loading notch and full cock. A fine example of the 1804 cutlass, no damage or restoration. The entire length of antique 1787 english the barrel bears uniform medium pitting, as does also the sling bar. ++ bright antique 1787 english virtually mint. Barrel, octagonal to antique 1787 english round with moulding at muzzle, typical gold-filled armourer’s stamps, the main rectangular stamp missing some gold foils making identification unsure. Of the 8th Battalion Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment, 1914-15. Leather is in fine sound condition, perfect intact seam, shows little wear, stamped on back near ring with inspectors’ stamps, date ” ‘ 01″ , “99” (pattern), “EFD”.

However, it’s evident that the cylinder is antique 1787 english long enough to handle the American cartridges if properly bored. Standard length Chassepot barrel 31 1 2″; original French serial # 98474 on chamber and bayonet bar, post 1856 Birmingham proofs; marked “KYNOCH – GUN – FACTORY – ASTON”, and “MUSKET – 43 – 77”. All four locks in ex. Several conical bullets cast in the mold remain. All markings deep and clear as new. With it is an old business card of “J. A good, all-original antique 1787 english M-H MkIII. I antique 1787 english was unable to locate a copy). Entry in M. $425 back to antique 1787 english top 1909) Dutch Naval Officer’s Sword c. Solid, uncleaned iron mounted stock, silver escutcheons on wrist and bottom of characteristic Irish fish-tail checkered grip, no cracks or repairs, retains much original varnish. It is the same pattern as antique 1787 english in this Grenadier’s sword if its blade were straightened out. Built in 1858 at Greens in the Blackwall yards of London, the Labouchere steamed her way to the Vancouver Island port of Victoria. Reduced to $4,250 back to top 1792) Royal Navy Sea Service Pistol dated 1805. Bore is in ex. These especially were considered the best for conversion to breech loading, though by 1869, the stock of Enfields considered suitable for conversion had run out, and the all-new MkIII was introduced. Cylinder has flaked to smooth light plum with patches of bright blue, much blue antique 1787 english in rebated area around the perfect nipples and the chambers retain nearly all their blue. Interestingly, there is an old stamp on the bottom of the case “NEW YORK CITY POST TWO CENTS”. $1,200 back to top 1899) A Good Early 19th Century Balkan Miquelet Pistol with an Earlier Spanish Barrel. It is exactly the sort of cutlass you would expect to find in a British merchant ship’s arms locker of this era. $3,000 back to top 1905) French “Model 1777 Corrige AnIX” Musket, Made During Napoleon’s “Hundred Days”. Bi-lobe hilt secured in the traditional style by 4 screws. Blade has some small areas of light pitting, shows age and wear but has been maintained over the years – no edge nicks and very sharp. Markings overall are clear and deep.

After much discussion and anger, from Sitka Indians especially, they refused to trade antique 1787 english and forced the gangway, Captain Swanson and Mr. Vind adressen van prominente dealers en restaurateurs en meer dan 1000 antieke klokken, horloges en barometers. Rear sight ladder to antique 1787 english 1000 yards. 45 Long Colt and. Stamped with maker’s mark “JOHN ROUND & SON LIMITED SHEFFIELD” , this mark partly overstruck with date ‘8 ’15 antique 1787 english (possibly ’13) and inspector’s stamp. According to the literature, these marks antique 1787 english are often found on these swords. I previously offered this bow for $1600, but recently cleaned the brass (it was black with patina), and have now lowered the price $1,250 back to top 1528) Royal Navy Pattern 1804 Cutlass. The Germans were so impressed antique 1787 english by this fact that when they hurriedly adopted the 1871 Mauser, they simply borrowed the 11mm caliber and rifling system of Antique 18thc French Brocaded the Chassepot in toto, and this explains why Kynoch could utilize the 43 Mauser cartridge. Clear inspectors’ stamps alongside trigger guard tang, deep clear Storekeeper’s stamp “Crown GR 1800” on upper wrist. 187) allows these type 2 hilts were Large & Impressive Mystical Antique Jade Carving constructed far into the 18th century, so there is absolutely no reason to antique 1787 english wonder why a basket that could easily date to the period 1711 – 40 could mount a blade made in the same era. There is an air of age antique 1787 english and re-use about this barrel. All metal is clean, no pitting, deep clear markings. $1,500 back to top 1901) ) Hanoverian New Land Pattern Conversion Pistol. The back-strap antique 1787 english and trigger guard retain only a small amount of silver plating, and this is typical of late Colt percussion guns – the plating was much thinner than earlier production. Condition stock with checkered bag grip, engraved antique 1787 english iron mounts, silver wrist escutcheon engraved with “R”, silver barrel key mounts.

The two lock screws (side nails) are replacements. Case-hardened action in ex. Original wood ramrod with turned steel tip. Iron mounted stock in fine condition, no cracks, repairs or restoration, retains antique 1787 english most original finish. Bore antique 1787 english is bright, sharp, mint. Weight of gun is 24 1 2 lbs, intended for heavy charges. Another is shown by Ewart Oakeshott, “European Weapons & Armour”, pl. +, retaining nearly all its original bright polish with markings as clear as the day they were etched. $1,600 back to top 1788) Cased Webley. Checkered grips, engraved steel mounts smooth with no pitting. These guns received long and hard service in hot climates, and they show it. While it might mean the gun somehow escaped the markings, it probably antique 1787 english means it was made after 1846, circa 1850. 1690 – 1700. $850 back to top 1896) Napoleonic French Epee de Cour (Court or Official’s sword). Heavy, 29 antique 1787 english 3 4″ barrel. It is dated 1734 above the crowned double-headed eagle (see my pics). Find more than 1000 important antique clocks,watches, instruments and barometers for sale, search historical makers and names. They are entirely legible and certainly not of the quickly scribbled for decorative effect variety. If ever there was a place on earth where an officer with every chamber in his revolver expended could expect to face cold steel, it was the NWF. Co antique 1787 english HARTFORD CT. The ship did receive a hint from the Hoonah chief that hostilities might resume the next day, and slipped away at 3 AM the next morning. Hence, espingoles could easily be employed at stations where heavier guns could not be used, in fact anywhere along the rails or bulkheads. Inspectors’ stamps near touch hole and barrel tang. Blackmore dates it at c. $1,800 back to top 1887) Cross Belt Plate of the Carmarthen Militia c. Original brass foresight, single blade antique 1787 english rear sight. Converted from a Chassepot, the stock exhibits the original Chassepot rondel & date on the obverse, the conversion markings on the reverse. All rights reserved. See item # 1485 above, my list, for another Austrian blade dated 1734 also on a type 2 Schiavona basket, as well as a logical reason such blades do turn up on Schiavona hilts of this era.

Each of the six sighting ribs tapers toward the muzzle to a German silver bead – an unnecessary but nice bit of prideful workmanship. Canada fought only one brief campaign with the Snider, the North-West Rebellion of 1885, and only a relative handful antique 1787 english of the 60,000 Sniders of all types in Canada by 1875 were present. The Royal Armouries have an identical example of these Nock carbines which came from the sale of Cobham Hall, seat of the Earls of Darnley, which the family was forced to sell in 1957, victims of revengeful and ruthless death duties and taxes. VG solid stock, no repairs or cleaning, thin grain crack ahead of lock on obverse antique 1787 english held in place by lock and brass forend cap.

An expensive and powerful blade. Locks antique 1787 english in perfect working order. Working order with powerful springs, stamped with armourer’s mark in Arabic. Would fit about any.

$1,150 back to top 1900) British Second Model Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket. 375, upper plate. Completely original in all respects. Barrel retains faint traces of original stripe finish. Lock marked “AMBERG”; both it and the double-set triggers are in ex. Also, Scottish and antique 1787 english British Basket-Hilted Swords. The Gibbs – Farquharson was far and away the leading target rifle of its day in the UK, and this one is both early and in splendid condition. Eden Vansittart, Indian Army and Royal Army, DSO, Col. $650 back to top 1716) Massive Zeiss Made Dutch Army Artillery Rangefinder. Some of the leather restorations I’ve seen over the years probably dated from Victorian times, based on antique 1787 english the fragmentary remains still on the armours, and the leather on these restorations is starting to look pretty aged. Naval officers swords, dirks. + bright bore with antique 1787 english sharp rifling. Brass mounted stock with sling bar and ring (correct for this pattern), wrist with escutcheon plate engraved “H H”. Barrel has well-executed chiseled decoration – the three narrow near full length ribs are dead straight. Depicts two Heavy Cavalrymen, entitled “A Private of the 2nd or Royal North British Dragoons (Greys)”. Smooth, perfect action and indexing, like new. Reduced to $2,000 back to top 1711) British Pattern 1899 Cavalry Saber with Rare Experimental Leather and Wood Scabbard. Stock is solid, no cracks or repairs, never cleaned, deep clear markings, only minor service dings. If this were from Renaissance Italy, it would be worth at least 30 times as much. Greed for gain. Sent with 4 Pc Tea Set 5200 British and Portuguese troops to antique 1787 english assist the Spanish in Antique Chinese Sterling Silver Belt With raising the French siege of Cadiz, General Graham agreed to participate in a Spanish attempt to attack Antique French Dore Bronze the besieging French from the rear. $175 back to top 1913) An Outstanding and Unusual English Ceremonial Sword of Fine Quality circa 1800. The flared checkered grip, the more elaborate fore end tip and the damascus barrel mark antique 1787 english it as made for a senior officer. Barrel and receiver retain 95% original fine smooth blue, all markings deep and clear. Aloft, they did not need the heavy curb required for a cannon or howitzer; the espingole’s swivel pinion could socket directly into the squaring staff – the wooden spreader streching at a convenient swivel-height across the topmast shrouds. Original grip wrap consisting of thicker twisted brass wire combined with thinner twisted brass wire. Hilt is of some base metal, probably brass, non-magnetic, heavily silver plated. Dark antique 1787 english horn grip with silver niello domed rivets, small old repaired crack at pommel on back – nothing replaced, just re-secured. I have used the term “Catalan” since this grip form does strongly resemble the so-called Catalan stock found on Spanish longarms, and immediately brings to mind the distinctive down-curving form. Original brass antique 1787 english tipped ramrods with threaded ends. Left side buttstock lightly carved with soldier’s initials “H V”. All these sights are identical to those shown in their original sight case illustrated in Wal Winfer’s “British Single Shot Rifles, Vol. When King George died, he was succeeded by his son, George, who reigned until Hanover picked the wrong side in the Austro-Prussian War of 1866 for supremacy in the German lands and was annexed by Prussia in that year. $2,500 back to top antique 1787 english 1799) Danish Model 1789 “Rytterpallask” Heavy Cavalry Sword. Reduced to $600 back to top 1608) Indian Katar, 17th – 18th Century. , solid, uncleaned stock, no repairs, cracks, or restoration. A well-known print that is often illustrated in arms publications. Contained in its original plywood carrying case (44″ long) with antique 1787 english internal fixtures which firmly secure it and its delicate masts and wireless equipment. 54 plates and text. 64 as: “Barrels on U. Frame with 3 patent lines. 57, for an account of the production of these scabbards, apparently for troop trials. Contract antique 1787 english of 1808 Musket by T. Hull is built plank antique 1787 english by plank. There is a thin, almost imperceptible 1” crack in the right side forestock. On reverse side, standard antique 1787 english military proofs. Their close resemblance to the antique 1787 english Pirmet pistol is striking. Metal has a smooth light age patina overall, no pitting, a fine and obviously untouched gun. Although Hanover was not considered the property of England, all the British Kings from George I to William IV retained sovereignty over Hanover. Lock antique 1787 english marked “COOPER LONDON”. $8,500 back to top 1867) A Very Rare Spanish Brass Mounted antique 1787 english Model 1767 Dragoon Sword. , correct British military proofs. 65 antique 1787 english cal, carbine bore. 63rd Foot), the flimsy brass hilt of the 1822-45 sword has been replaced by a steel fine quality Indian Army officer’s version of the 1821 3-bar Light Cavalry type, a vastly more solid and protective guard. Very fine original condition overall, no damage or repair.

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