Antique Hand Knotted Dye Washed Authentic Persian Tabriz Rug 6×9 One Of A Kind

IN GENERAL: Although newer hand knotted rugs have incorporated highlights of synthetic materials such as artificial , and machine made rugs can also be made of wool, if the seller states the PILE of the rug is made of: rayon, viscose, nylon, polypropylene, mercerized cotton or any other material, Antique Chinese 19th Century Roof Tile it probably is a machine made rug with exception to certain genres of carpets such as coarser quality Turkish pieces, and various Chinese carpets. A hand tufted rug (also made by hand) is often referred to as: “hand made” “tufted” “hand tufted” “hooked” or “hand hooked”. A machine made carpet is often referred to as: “man made” “power-loomed” sometimes stating composition is of “synthetic” fibers and of a “Persian design. Overall the most striking thing is the uniformity antique hand knotted of the weave. How often should I antique hand knotted vacuum my rug? Some “hand tufted” rugs have a canvas backing, although tufted rugs are hand made they are not hand knotted. Thanks much. The information is similar to other web pages, but the photos illustrate so well! 2008 16:26 Hi Dusty! November 3. Explore the Site Tools Popular Styles. But the rugs I get from this merchant remind me of perfect stencils. Unfortunately, in recent years, we have observed too much misrepresentation of construction online, which is why we are here to inform you! FOR INTERNET SHOPPERS: Checking for Oriental rug authenticity over the Internet is not an easy thing to do as you must rely on the information presented to you. 2008 23:16 Thank you so much antique hand knotted for your really informative website. We recently bought a Persian antique hand knotted rug at a liquidation Antique 19c Well Carved Chinese Shoushan Stone (80% off) sale, and the more I subsequently read about purchasing rugs, the more uneasy I felt about the whole set-up. Posted on November 22, 2007 Read more about: Want to purchase rugs like antique hand knotted the ones mention in this post? The advertising of a rug is not entirely unlike that of “Organic vs. Sorry to hear you think you may have been subjected to the infamous price inflation used by less reputable dealers. The premier destination for information about Rugs, Oriental Rugs, and Carpets SearchInclude antique hand knotted comments in search Must Reads! The design is the same on the front of Pair Of Antique Turn Of the rug as it is on the back. 2008 07:39 Rug Oriental Rug Oriental Rug Tufted Machine Made hashim ali September 8. Rug Rag Verifications provide your Oriental Rug with a Professional “Report Card” for Online Retaile. I have many older rugs, tribal and a few “master signed” and they don’t have are always somewhat “wavy” or when they are extermely uniform I’ve been able to find pattern defects. Georgia August 28. Use antique hand knotted of any of this content without expressed written consent by Rug Rag is a breach of international copyright laws and strictly Antique Mid Europe Fine Cabinet For forbidden. Although not all Oriental Rugs are made with multiple in pile, usually the ones which are will either be hand knotted or antique hand knotted hand tufted. 2008 16:41 I recently bought an oriental rug it was 10 14 Fine Ghazni. Please advise how to cheat boyfriend would my boyfriend cheat mike September 16. Thanks again, please stop by often :)-Davidhow to cheat boyfriend would my boyfriend cheatwill my husband cheat again why antique hand knotted wives cheat on husbands November 4. The more familiar you are with determining quality, the more comfortable you will be in the rug selection process. For a better test, simply fold the rug again according to one line of the rug to follow such as the sides perpendicular antique hand knotted to fringe and check for overlap or shortcomings anywhere around the rug. Pay particularly close attention to the edge of the rug, as well as the reverse side. The fringe is unlike my other oriental’s it is antique hand knotted short and looks like it was woven on afterwards. Thanks for antique hand knotted checking in. In hand knotted rugs inconsistencies may 1856 59 Antique Tiffany be observable. The fringe goes into the rug, and is not affixed antique hand knotted with precise machined stitches. The rug antique hand knotted is very malleable. 2008 18:32 Thanks for the inquiry, we posted antique hand knotted you a reply!

2008 16:17 Hi Jessie, really happy you found us, and thanks for your kind words. 1 by 73 peopleCurrently 3. :(If you have specific questions I’d be more than happy to address them personally in a blog entry. Hand knotted rugs, dhurrie, , , chainstitch, needlepoint, , rag rugs, machine made and wall-to-wall (cut-pile and berber). Will my Antique Pair Of Old husband cheat again why wives cheat on husbands June 22. It may be an Oriental Rug. If you passed the tests above in bold, check for these sometimes seen additional characteristics for further confirmation. While the majority of antique hand knotted will not have medallions, if the medallion is slightly off-center, its probably an Oriental Rug. Aids or hiv symptoms can hiv be cured December 1. TERMS USED IN SELLING A true Oriental rug will almost always be referred to as: “hand knotted” or “hand woven”. 2008 21:49 If I send pics of a rug that my husband won on an auction could you please tell me if it is an original and its worth? Some antique hand knotted stores actually do offer really deep discounts, unfortunately, many are just using deceptive sales tactics. If the bound edging on either side of the rug (perpendicular to the fringe side) goes through the rug rather than “tacked” on with antique hand knotted a precise machined stitch. ” Machine made rugs Antique German Wood Carved Relief Panel can also be made from wool!

Darius November 18. If the rug has fringe, the knots created to pull tassels together have minor inconsistencies in the manner they were created, it may be an Oriental Rug. If antique hand knotted the shape is slightly imperfect, its probably an Oriental Rug. More Rug Info Distinguishing between Oriental Rugs and Other Know Your Rug There are antique hand knotted ten basic rug types. 2008 16:21 Wow. For rugs antique hand knotted wider than 3 ft. 2008 06:25 This is really antique hand knotted great work that you guys did here to show all of this. Beware of the online sellers who give little information regarding construction and origin of a rug both in store and online. Thanks again for checking in, look forward to any inquiries November 17. I have a question for you: I am wondering if you can help me out. Always evaluate the reputation of the seller. The price seems too cheap – although many of these rugs have mild defects: uneven wear, a patch (not a repair), chemical fading, etc. It is not unusual to walk into a Oriental Rug store to antique hand knotted find that machine made and hand made rugs are both mixed within the piles. We’re a fan of the rug badger, it looks awesome! Comments March 20. Share this! Also the rug has a nubby appearance up close and if antique hand knotted you pull the individual nubs they come out. Rug Rag is not responsible for any actions you take based on information on this site. There are an astounding amount of incorrect antique hand knotted assumptions which have been claimed, and exploited by, l. Determine if the design is slightly : fold rug in half vertically to see if absolute center of medallion (or any other centered design element) lands on the fold, try the same horizontally. Wide, if you fold the rug from in half from one corner width wise and length wise, and it responds to your movement with a flop rather than as a rigid sheet, it may be an Oriental Rug. Lesson antique hand knotted learnt!

Natural” at the food store. Armenia, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, China, Egypt (also Machine made), Turkey, Iran, istan, India, Japan (until 1970s), Nepal, Tibet, Romania, USSR, Morocco, Iraq, Portugal (Needle points) antique hand knotted All photographs in the following page are of the reverse side of the rugs with the length of the rug going from the top of the picture to the bottom, and the width of the rug going left to right. Stephen “Dusty” Robertsmy husband antique hand knotted cheated when married men cheat November 3. Print This CLOSE – X Contact us to advertise here! Watch out for antique hand knotted key terms with nondescript locations of origin. If a seller does not state where the carpet is from, proceed with caution! If the pile of the carpet is comprised of more than one type of fiber (e. As the consumer, you need to be informed. The only thing I can surmise is that they were woven on metal looms in a factory consistent way or they are in fact power loomed and they’ve figured antique hand knotted out some way to make them look hand knotted on the ends. If these are hand made, can you tell me how they achieve such horizontal uniformity and why they sell so cheap? After diligently putting all your tips to the test I am comforted that it is, in fact, genuine – and the only damage was the inflated price that we probably paid.

2008 18:17 antique hand knotted Awesome site. I’ve recently purchased semi-antique Iranian rugs on ebay that seem too good to be true. This is one of the tougher tests to check, but accurate in 75% of cases (exception to rugs such as and MasterCraft). Below is a list of many places imported hand knotted rugs have been are being produced today. I’ve attached Antique Russian Icon Of Stulitta a photo. A machine made rug would use a blend rather than two different fibers in different locations of the carpet. One of the best ways to familiarize yourself with the types of rugs is to see as many as possible. The price of the rug was in the $5,000. Great info here, this will help out rug buyers to make an informed choice when shopping antique hand knotted for rugs! 2008 17:47 Hi Mike, Please feel free to contact us directly, info Hope we can help you out! If the rug has inconsistencies in knot height, and knot thickness which in turn antique hand knotted show the lines horizontally or vertically are imperfect. I’m starting to feel that the rug antique hand knotted in not authentic. These two are fairly easy to distinguish between, as a antique hand knotted tufted rug will more often than not have a canvas backing. Suewhy do men cheat on their wife men and women susan barto All content on this site is original and was created by Rug Rag editors, including all text, images, and automated tools except Large Antique Von Schierholz Dresden Germany Center for the stain removal tool which was adapted from various sources. Photographs are for demonstration antique hand knotted purposes only. The rug shows all the markings of a hand-woven rug to my eye, but both the price and uniformity of the weaving seem odd. Here are some options. I will make sure to share this antique hand knotted with my clients!

The seller told me that the antique hand knotted low pile and ruff thin txture was due to the high knot content. For additional information, read on. I am antique hand knotted amazed at the amount of detail. FOR IN HOME ASSESSMENT: If your carpet features each of the four bold points below, it probably is a hand knotted “Oriental Rug.

Keep it up. Inexpensive: Inexpensive: Moderately priced: Moderately priced: Inexpensive: Inexpensive: Moderately priced: Moderately priced: Inexpensive: Inexpensive: Moderately priced: Moderately priced: Related postsWill placing my rugs on a hardwood floor discolor the finish? Hand Knotted Rugs img Currently rated 3. Although some machine made manufacturers have perfected the art of imperfection, your rug may be an Oriental if it has minor imperfections. A hand knotted carpet never has a machine fixed fringe. ” antique Mahogany 1875 Antique Armoire Wardrobe Or Closet hand knotted For further explanations, read and view all content at the bottom of the page. A machine made carpet can have the same design on the front as the back. Determine if the rug has imperfect squared angles in each corner: Either measure each side of the length and then each side of the width to check for discrepancies (only works if the rug is not a perfect trapezoid). 2008 22:18 This is antique hand knotted a VERY helpful article, the detailed photos with the arrows gives a novice like me a very clear picture of how to distinguish hand-made from machine-made. Cheers, antique hand knotted Huseyin. Jessie Schutte November 5. The wool appears of reasonable quality and even has a slight patina. 095891 5 Stars. Wool and artificial silk), it is probably hand made.

Antique 15ct Genuine Diamond 14k 18k Gold Art Deco Mens Engagement Ring 47g

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Antique Chinese Celadon Ground Blue & White Porcelain Vase With Crane & Peony

All the work with archaeology and artifact handling is made in collaboration with Malaysia’s Department 2 110Ct Cushion of Museums. We are Antique Style Country experts in Chinese pottery for sale and truly love Chinese Ming pottery and other old Chinese pottery. Ming dynasty reign marks is included in out expert area so any Ming plates and bowls antique chinese celadon for sale is furnished with our certificatesWe sell antique porcelain china and other Chinese antique ceramics as well as antique Chinese pottery. You antique chinese celadon will enjoy this site! Antique Chinese porcelain, Ming dynasty pottery and shipwrecks is our passion. Ming dynasty shipwrecks and Chinese pottery: Kraak porcelain and other ceramics from the 17th century: Antique Chinese porcelain production & export at “The Porcelain Center of the world” Antiques, pottery & ceramics from Ming dynasty shipwrecks: Asian art and antiques Chinese porcelain: Antique Chinese porcelain & antique chinese celadon shipwreck pottery To understand Ming dynasty porcelain reign marks For a report on the excavation of the Wanli shipwreck Appreciating symbolism in antique Chinese porcelain Interpretation of painted Ming dynasty porcelain Presentation of all www. We are Swedish maritime enthusiasts that spent the past 40 years researching Asia’s maritime trade. This include; antique chinese celadon , www. Also Yixing teapotsMing Antique Dutch Oil porcelain and pottery and Jingdezhen porcelain and blue antique Chinese porcelainOur antique Chinese porcelain and other Chinese, Ming dynasty pottery, antique ceramics and other antique porcelain is available here from Ming dynasty shipwrecks. Shipwrecks Nanhai Marine Archaeology has been excavating and researching the ceramic cargo from ten Ming dynasty shipwrecks found in the South China sea.

We also have old yixing teapots, Jingdezhen porcelain and kraak porcelain and kraak plate for sale. Chinese and Japanese Porcelain email questions Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Questions and Answers Chinese Ming Pottery and Porcelain Chinese Export Porcelain Chinese Imari Porcelain Chinese and Japanese Chinese porcelain marks, seals and back stamps Chinese Porcelain Japanese porcelain Chinese export porcelain standard pattern, Antique Chinese Porcelain Ming dynasty Antique Chinese Porcelain marks. This work is shown, in parts on the company’s antique chinese celadon where they 1 12Ct Infinity Vintage show some of their artefacts, videos and pictures. The Wanli shipwreck,gave us antique ceramics antique chinese celadon as well as celadon, yixing teapots and kraak porcelain. We offer Jingdezhen porcelain and blue and white porcelain from shipwreck porcelain and pottery. All antique chinese celadon our numbered artifacts are delivered with a legally binding Certificate of Authenticity. Sten Sjostrand offer his expertise in ming dynasty reign marks for antique chinese celadon ming plates and bowls which are for sale and truly love Chinese Ming pottery and other old Chinese pottery. Sale SHIPPING ARTEFACTS:All our antique Chinese porcelain, Jingdezhen porcelain, Chinese pottery or other Asian art objects and publications will be antique chinese celadon shipped from our store in Malaysia. Kuala Rompin. This site is for antique Chinese porcelain, Chinese antique porcelain, shipwreck pottery, celadon, Yixing teapots, Chinese pottery and 18K Yellow Gold 127 Ct Diamond other antique ceramics from Ming dynasty shipwrecks and antique chinese celadon other Ming dynasty porcelain potteryNanhai Marine Archaeology Sdn. Sale Antique Chinese Porcelain Help and Information Antique Chinese and Japanese Porcelain collectors information page. We encourage you to contact us by email with questions regarding your possible purchase. We study and offer for sale Ming dynasty bowls and plates as well as Chinese porcelain antique antique chinese celadon from antique Jingdezhen porcelain manufacturers. In addition, we offer interpretation for porcelain marks, antique bowls and plates and kraak porcelain, celadon, antique chinese celadon Yixing teapots and many other old antique China for sale. At nanhai marine archaeology we deal with antique ceramics and Chinese pottery antique chinese celadon from ming dynasty shipwrecks. You will be buying directly from a Antique Edison Standard Phonograph Good Working Condition team of dedicated researchers that excavated, recovered and researched every single piece offered for sale. We are considered experts in dating antique Chinese porcelain a knowledge that arrive from time consuming studies of our ten historical shipwrecks antique chinese celadon continuing these ‘time capsule’ artifacts. Write to our: If you are not satisfied with our artifacts, delivery service or; if you obtain an expert opinion that our artifacts are not as old as stated by us, just return the item inside 10 days from receipt and we will give you full refund. We, at nanhai marine archaeology are experts of Antique Chinese porcelain in Chinese pottery, antique ceramics 15 Carat Green Diamond Solitaire Designer Ring and Chinese pottery from ming dynasty pottery and other antique pottery from Ming dynasty shipwrecks. Our Ming porcelain is in addition also confirmed by our research in Jingdezhen in China at the same time as we confirmed the origin of Huge Antique Estate Junk Drawer our Yixing teapots. Our findings lead to the discovery and excavation of ten Sung, Ming and Qing dynasty shipwrecks in antique chinese celadon the South China Sea. , the company has established a web page called: clearance where they offer for sale artefacts, of best possible provenance for rather affordable prices. We can therefore guarantee legally excavated antiques antique chinese celadon with absolute authenticity. Sales pages include pages antique chinese celadon for , as well as Chinese and from the Desaru shipwreck. All this work is antique chinese celadon written about on the company’s webpage. Shipwreck porcelain and pottery, Jingdezhen porcelain and pottery is antique chinese celadon our speciality and you can be assured that all our shipwreck pottery and antique Chinese porcelain is genuinely old and historically valuable. Antique Chinese Pottery and Porcelain book recommendations. To view samples of these documents. We also offer for sale yixing teapots and other Ming dynasty pottery as well as antique pottery antique chinese celadon and Jingdezhen porcelain from ming dynasty shipwrecks. We also sell Stunning Pair Antique kraak porcelain from the porcelain kilns at Jingdezhen in China together with ancient Chinese celadon wares. And antique chinese celadon All these sites are well worth visiting. We study and offer for sale Ming dynasty bowls and plates as well as Chinese porcelain antique.

Antique Chinese antique chinese celadon porcelain is our speciality. Blue and white porcelain and other shipwreck porcelain antique chinese celadon and pottery is interpreted with porcelain marks on antique bowls. ALL OF IT WITH antique chinese celadon IMPECCABLE PROVENANCE! Ships excavated include the from the 1460’s and the which yielded and from the 1830’s. Antique Tibetan Buddhist Religious Icon Viswa The company also maintain three other web sites that show different aspects if their work. To view antique Chinese porcelain, antique pottery, Yixing teapots and ancient ceramics; You are visiting the only site on the Internet where the researchers responsible for the shipwreck recoveries legally sell their recoveries of antique Chinese porcelain, other blue and white porcelains, Yixing teapots, celadon wares and Chinese Antique Chinese Yellow Butterscotch Amber pottery from own excavations. Porcelain marks, Royal Nanhai and the Wanli shipwreck provided us with antique chinese celadon and blue and white porcelain plates. Every parcel we antique chinese celadon sent can be tracked online. SHIPPING ARTEFACTS:All our antique Chinese porcelain, Jingdezhen porcelain, Chinese pottery or other Asian art objects and publications will be shipped from our store in Malaysia. The Yixing teapots we find are from the Qing dynasty. Among our recoveries are kraak porcelain from the late Ming dynasty, celadon from China and Thai pottery, Chinese pottery and other antique ceramics. Antiques as well as Kraak porcelain, Chinese porcelain, celadon and other antique ceramics are thus our expertise and also what Nanhai Marine Archaeology and our chief researched: sten Sjostrand are antique chinese celadon best known for. Ming dynasty reign marks is included in out expert area so any Ming plates and bowls for sale is furnished with our certificatesNanhai Marine Archaeology Sdn. Listen to see what the Malaysian Minister for culture say about our work; To view pictures and videos about our diving on historical shipwrecks, Dive with us on the Wani (AD. Antique ceramics and celadon ware is our speciality as is blue and white porcelainWe sell antique porcelain china and other Chinese antique ceramics as well as Museum Quality Pre Civil War Vintage Irish antique Chinese pottery. The default shipping method is “Registered Air Parcel” which is managed by Malaysia’s national post office. These artefacts antique chinese celadon and other antique porcelains and pottery are now on sale on their web site: www. 1625) shipwreck OUR GUARANTEEWhen buying our antique Chinese porcelain, Jingdezhen porcelain, Chinese antique chinese celadon pottery or other Asian antiques from our web pages you are NOT dealing with antique dealers or other middle men. At Nanhai Marine Archaeology we excavated antique Chinese porcelain, celadon and other Chinese porcelain, antique bowls and antique ceramics from numbers of Ming dynasty shipwrecks. (A Swedish owned company contracted by the Malaysian government to carry out search and excavation of historical shipwrecks in the South China Sea) Kuala Rompin. After dating these antique porcelain and pottery and adding authenticity, we have received “The Best Possible Provenance” approval by many This web site is about that work and about the antique Chinese porcelain, Ming dynasty Antique Retro Art porcelain and pottery, celadon, yixing teapots and other antique ceramics we now sell from these shipwreck sites. Our shipwreck pottery, artifacts antique chinese celadon and other Ming porcelain and pottery are well researched.

Most of our shipwreck artifacts are antique ceramics, celadon, blue and white porcelain and other Chinese porcelain wares from the Ming dynasty. If the antique chinese celadon tracking system confirms that your package has been lost, we shall replace the artifact(s) without cost to youOTHER INTERESTING WEBPAGES RELATED TO ANTIQUE CHINESE PORCELAIN, CHINESE PORCELAIN AND OTHER MING DYNASTY CERAMIC AND POTTERY ITEMS. As such, we are known to do proper research based antique chinese celadon on detailed archaeology about antique Chinese porcelain, celadon, pottery & ceramics from Ming dynasty ships. Our work also involves interpretation of porcelain marks and historical research at the Jingdezhen kilns in China. In antique chinese celadon addition, it shall be Griffin Dragon Diamond Ruby Pendant Necklace Antique mentioned that the company, due to its detailed and exhaustive research has established such degree of authenticity of their recovered artifacts that 045 Ct Round D Vs2 they are now displayed and used as dating reference by many. Sten sjostrand sell old antique porcelain china and more of antique chinese pottery for antique chinese celadon sale and help you understand ming dynasty reign marks if you buy ming plates and bowls. If you are interested in genuinely old Chinese porcelain, blue and white porcelain, celadon wares, Chinese pottery, Yixing teapots or other antique pottery or ceramics. Chinese porcelain antique chinese celadon Terms Glossary Discussion Board.

Antique Chinese Porcelain Help and Information Antique Chinese and Japanese Porcelain collectors information page.

Chinese pottery is excavated by ourselves and all the antiques and ceramics is fully researched by our own experts At Nanhai Marine Archaeology we excavated shipwreck artifacts, antique ceramics and antique Chinese porcelain, celadon, other Chinese porcelains and antique pottery from antique chinese celadon numbers of Ming dynasty shipwrecks. Following completed research into these shipwrecks’s antique Chinese porcelain and other pottery, the Malaysian government now allow us to sell some of the recovered artifacts. We shall Gorgeous French Antique Bisque then send you replacement piece(s) -free of charge. MalaysiaPhone: + 60 12 761 4759 CLICK ON BELOW IMAGES TO VIEW OUR SALES PAGESLOSS OR DAMAGE:Should you despite our careful packing receive your piece(s) damaged, we ask you to return it to us after sending us pictures of its condition on arrival. Jingdezhen porcelain and Ming dynasty porcelain and pottery, antique pottery antique chinese celadon and porcelain and antique bowls as well as kraak porcelain is available on this site.

Antique Persian Sarouk Rug 43 X 67 Stunning Cranberry Red C1920

Beautiful antique Uzbek Suzani from the Ura Tube antique persian sarouk region, which is now in Tajikistan. Its size is 137cmx145cm(DSC04260 ‘ Ask about this price: On Request Posted Today Ref 1627 Antique Herez carpet circa 1875. 00 USD antique persian sarouk – Antique Asian Bronze Champleve Enamel Pair monthly Large monthly donation : $50. Collector’s antique persian sarouk item. ‘ Ask about this price: On request Charming Azeri sumack mafrash end panel pair. Their colors look kind of dark or dirty pink. My website is ‘ Ask about this price: Please enquire Phulkari From East(Punjab) India Called As Darshan Dwar. Is famous for antique persian sarouk weaving very heavy body carpets. (DSL02720). Price upon request. ‘ Ask about this price: on request #6882 Very Antique Kansu antique persian sarouk Chinese Rug This circa 1800 or earlier Chinese rug measures 5’7″ x 9’2″. Ottocentosessanta forse il meglio di questo tipo un sacco di este tipo. Asymmetrically knotted open to antique persian sarouk the left. There are many of them which Antique Chinese Lacquered Hand Painted are called the. Circa antique persian sarouk 1900. The first World Oriental Carpet Exhibition of 1891 in Vien and another one London in 1892, created a rising demand for Persian rugs in the west and other foreign companies such as British-Italian “Nearco Castelli Brothers” in Tabriz, and “Eastern Rug Trading Company of New York” established their branches in 1909 in Tabriz and later in Kerman. ‘ Ask about this price: SOLD thanks! ‘ Ask about this price: fair, please ask Antique Nortwest Persian Runner Rug ‘ Ask about this price: por Mafrach Bechir Ersari? ‘ Ask about this price: On antique persian sarouk request Art Deco Besarabian circa 1915 antique. Very Rare Pattern. 00 antique persian sarouk USD – monthly Regular monthly donation : $25. It has a yellow. Some merchants also used the southern ports on the Persian Gulf to export Persian rugs to the US by ship. Saturated natural dyes. Sarouk is also spelled Sarough , Sarouq , Saruk , Saruq , and Saroogh. Fraser Omar Eyimen Owen Parry Patrick Pouler Paul Romero Piotr Wesolowski Ramazan Boga Reyn Staffel Richard Lannowe Hall Richard Purdon Rob Schipper Rob van Wieringen Robert Mann Robert Mosby Sam Fine One Of A Kind Gallery Mood Coad Seref Ozen SFBARS San Francisco Ba Stephen Hofmann Steve Bedford Textile Museum Associat The Antique Knot The Tribal Looms Tribal Rugs Gallery VEYSEL ANLI Wayne Barron more profiles rugrabbit 2006 – 2019 Small monthly donation : $10. ‘ Ask about this price: ask Heriz Carpet, antique persian sarouk circa 1910 3. Silk embroidery on antique persian sarouk a hand woven linen base. , is a village located 30 miles north of the city of Sultanabad (today called Arak). Ex Michael Craycraft. The kind of rugs today called Ziegler, or Sultanabad were produced from early years of the 20th century with the designs and color combination that Americans liked. Size: 374 x 126 (cm) 12′ 3″ x 4’ 2″ carpet antique persian sarouk id: A-854 Vegetable.

‘ Ask about this price: on application Baku Caucasian circa 1910 antique. Dodds Marvadim, Mark Berkovic Material Culture Mert Ayd n Mete Mutlu Michel May Mike Rosenthal Mizrahi Montaine-Antiques Murathan New England Rug Society Nick Bendas Nick Wright: East of th Nomad, Stolp D. Bulwer-Lytton. 92x70cm ‘ Ask about this price: por Posted Today Gashgai, ca. Atiyeh Brothers of Oregon, USA also established their weaving facilities in Kerman after the turn of the century. Its Size is W-138cm x L-235cm. ‘ Ask about this price: On request Lovely Baluch, 160 x 93 cm ‘ Ask about this Uzbeki 1 2 kilim khorjin. 120x60cm, 19th century, very unusual charming piece, original condition. ‘ Ask about this price: On request Old , Beautiful Yastik on Tessellation Row ‘ Ask about antique persian sarouk Antique Persian Nishapur Bowl this price: On Request Yastik with Octagons, mounted on a frame. Many merchants bought the old and antique Persian rugs from allover Iran and exported them to other countries. ” antique persian sarouk Edward g. ‘ Ask about this price: please ask Posted Today Chakla Wall Hanging From Saurashtra Gujarat India.

This were Traditionally used mainly by Antique Wrought Iron Console With Kathi Darbar family Antique Folk Art Carved & of Saurashtra Gujarat India. In the second half of the 19th century, a huge market was created for Persian carpets in Europe and in the US. Cm 42×50 ca each. Size: 170 x 95 (cm) antique persian sarouk 5′ 7″ x 3′ 1″ carpet id: k-2556 Vegetable. 08 m ‘ Ask about this price: On Request 18th Century Persian Shawl 70 cm x 50 cm Complete with fringes Beautiful colours Quite rare ‘ Ask about this price: On antique persian sarouk Request Rare double prayer rug, Yomud Goglan from 1906 1,12m x 1,04m (without kilims), good condition, small damages at the bottom Circa 1920s Antique Shirvankazak kilim. Well used with areas. Of these cities, Sultanabad and surrounding towns and villages such as , Farahan, Lilian and few others were the most famous in the US.

They have overall designs with no medallion or a very small floral medallion. They used the city of Tabriz in northwest Iran to export these antiques to Europe via Arzerum in Turkey. In good condition with even wear some. 00 USD – monthly Talk to a professional (310) 770 – 9085 Sarouk Rugs and the American Sarouk Sarouk is in the Markazi State, in Iran which is highlighted in the map above. Imo late 19h c.

‘ Ask about this price: On request 2 Contributor by Name Alberto Levi Gallery Ali Aydin AmuDarya Silver AnatolianPicker Andy Lloyd Armenian Rugs Society ARTS: Bridgestone Golf Japan Antique Rug & Tex Asian Textile Art – Ant Austria Auction Company Ben Banayan Bernard of Switzerland Bertram Frauenknecht Brent Steelman Carlo Kocman – Roma – I Carole Hyman Chris Black Chuck Black Clive Rogers Craig Bale daniel harmon DeWitt Mallary Egbert Vennema. To meet the rising demand in the west for Persian rugs, the British-Switzerland company of “Ziegler & Co. Collector’s item, Size: 175 x 122 (cm) 5′ 9″ x 4′ carpet id: k-5542 ‘ Ask about this price: On request Serapi Heriz Persian circa 1900 antique. ‘ Ask about this Antique Kazak prayer rug circa 1850 in fair condition, top border has been restored. Eliko Rugs Fazli Solak Fred Amini rug collecti Galerie Arabesque – Ulr Gallery 51, Craig Walle Gene Dunford antique persian sarouk George FINE KILIMS Hagop Manoyan Heli Rugs Herat Gallery H seyin kaplan ibrahim Erdogan ibrahim Tekin ICOC J H Terry Gallery James Blackmon Textile James Cohen John Batki Linda Pastorino – SINGK Madayan Zepur Orienttep MAQAM, Dennis R. Size: 310 antique persian sarouk x 175 (cm) 10′ 2″ x 5’ 9” carpet id: W-90 Vegetable dyes. ‘ Ask about this price: $220 plus 40 P&P Anatolian Konya fragmend kilim size 530x68cm ‘ Ask about this price: Por Antique Anatolian Kilim Fragment ‘ Ask about this price: por Antique Avsar Small Rug ‘ Ask about this price: por “If there is a virtue in the world at which we should always aim, it is cheerfulness. Therefore, many of the merchants from Tabriz decided to establish workshops in Sultanabad to produce rugs based on the western demand. Extremely antique persian sarouk Fine Phulkari. After establishing the offices and branches of foreign companies, the designs antique persian sarouk were created based on the customers tastes and demand and a new types or Persian rugs were produces. 90 m (12 ft. This region had a fine carpet weaving tradition and was a perfect place to set up looms and rug workshops. Excellent condition. Lovely deep green and a strong yellow. ‘ Ask about this #6762 Antique Rare Antique French Barber Jaf Kurd Bag Face Rug This circa 1880 Jaffe Kurd Oriental bag rug measures 1 antique persian sarouk ‘ 10″ 14k Yellow Gold Round Cut Diamond Engagement x 3′ 3. ‘ Ask about this price: por per gli antique persian sarouk estimati collezionisti italiani: un sacco degli tribu Quashgai, trame in seta,eta ca. Online Marketplace Antique Rugs Carpets and Textiles Ethnographic and Asian Art 44748 items Posted Today antique serapi heriz rug measuring 8′ antique persian sarouk 4″ x 11’ great colors and design great condition clean ‘ Ask about this price: please ask Posted Today Antique Anatolian Cecim Chuval size. Probably an Ok-bash fragment. ‘ Ask about this price: On request Yomut or P-chodor trapping with gorgeous color and great quality. The indigo blue field with boteh motifs. 8’0 x 4’2 – 240 x 130. ‘ Ask about this price: $850 Ikat Panel, (mounted fragment), Central Asia, 19th Century, 11″ x 2 antique persian sarouk 9″ An extremely attractive example of textile art, with some fabulous design. ‘ Ask about this a pair of Luri Bakhtiari antique persian sarouk Saddlebags, 110 x 98 cm each, 19 th.

Circa antique persian sarouk 1900, 133 x 27. Size: 175 x 123 (cm) 5′ 9″ x 4′ carpet id: RS-302 Vegetable dyes, the knots. ) ‘ Ask about this price: antique persian sarouk On Request Silk wefted, probably best of type ,Quashgai bagface,with preserved,now opened back, Velvety,ca 1860-70 ‘ Ask about this price: inquire Azerbaijan Runner, circa 1900 Nice colours Good Condition 4. ‘ Ask about this price: POR Farahan Persian circa 1890 antique. ‘ Ask about this price: On request antique persian sarouk Gutschan-Kurd Persian circa 1910 antique. ‘ Ask about this price: please inquire Early Shahsavan sumak mafrash end panel. ” opened its office Stunning Estate 14K White Gold Diamond in Tabriz in 1878 and in Sultanabad in 1883. By the later decades of the nineteenth century, probably around 1880, the supply of these fine antique rugs from Persia was on the low side.

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Finkel & Antique Porcelain Kpm Sitzendorf German Figurine Antique Porcelain Plaque Painting Hand Antique Arte Orfebre Peruvian Gold Daughter. Antique 19c Chinese Silk Embroidery Panel With Antique Sterling Silver Fish Secret Storage Box Antique Joseph Vernet Nwt Jimmy Choo Romy Antique Gold Glitter All rights reserved.

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00Contemporary, China, Old WoodPrice: $375. 00circa 1800, Northern China, Northern Elm (Yumu)Price: $4,500. 00circa 1850, Shanxi Province China, Mixed WoodsPrice: $6,000. 0019th century (Qing Dynasty), Shanxi Province an antique chinese China, Elm & LacquerPrice: $2,650. 00Republic Era (1911-1949), Southern China, Antique Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Reticulated 10 0Price: $3,000. All an antique chinese Rights Reserved. 00circa Antique Imperial Field Flowers Pitcher Clam 1880, Gansu Province China, Walnut (Hetaomu)Price: $1,995. As well as exhibiting at the International Ceramic Fair for over twenty years, Guest & Gray has sold items to numerous museums and notable collectors such as Sir Michael Butler, whose famous collection of 17th century porcelain is unsurpassed. 00Contemporary, an antique chinese China, Elm (Yumu)Price: $490. The collection largely consists of Chinese porcelain and works of art from the Han through to the Qing dynasties, with a particular emphasis on , Kangxi porcelain, porcelain and porcelain. 00Circa 1900, China, Antique Early 20c Chinese WoodPrice: $2,900. 00Circa an antique chinese 1880, China, WoodPrice: $2,750.

00Early Qing Dynasty, an antique chinese MongoliaPrice: Antique Baccarat Intaglio Cherries Cut Glass $2,600. 00Qing Dynasty, Southern China, 0Price: $2,500. Value” — Select –Asian Garden Stools, Statues, PlantersCoffee Tables & Cocktail TablesTV Entertainment Media Stand CabinetsFurniture For Your KitchenOffice-Home or BusinessFurniture For Your BedroomFurniture For Your BathroomBuddhas, Deities, Shrines, Sacred Objects Cabinets, Armoires, BuffetsAuthentic Antique and Contemporary Asian Armoires, Oriental Buffets and Chinese CabinetsAsian Dressers, Antique Wardrobes, Chinese kitchen cabinets, antique Credenzas, oriental Sideboards, antique Chests of Drawers Antique Cabinets, Asian Cabinets, and Oriental CabinetsClick the Antique Victorian Garnet Bangle Bracelet pictures below to see our Asian Armoires, Oriental Buffets, and antique Chinese cabinets, or browse other antique Asian furniture in the red Antique Vintage Stained Glass Arts And and green sections to the left. SelectedIndex. 0019th 20th century (Qing Dynasty), Southern China, Datewood-Camphor? 1920s Carved Spanish Revival If you cannot speak English and wish to be telephoned in a different language please provide us with your telephone number and a convenient time Antique Victorian Troemner Oak & Marble for you to receive our call. 00circa 1850-1875, Southern China, Cypress (Sibo)Price: $4,000. 00circa 1850-1875, Fujian Province China, Cedar (Nanmu)Price: $5,000. 00Late Qing Dynasty, Southern China, Elm (Jumu)Price: $2,950. 00Late 19th century, China, an antique chinese WoodPrice: $1,950. His catalogues are strongly recommended. Antique Chinese Porcelain & Japanese Porcelain, European Ceramics & Works of Art Guest & Gray has been established for over 40 years and is widely recognised for its expertise in the field of antique ceramics and works of art. Our gallery is open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm, though viewing by appointment may be arranged on Saturdays.

Price: $1,675. A number of by collectors and leading academics may also be an antique chinese of interest.

Beautiful bamboo and hardwood furniture offers unique storage. 00Republic Era (circa 1912-1949), China,Price: $825. 00Qing an antique chinese Dynasty (1644-1912), China,Price: $995. We are happy to recommend books from our extensive library relating to early ceramics, including an antique chinese antique Chinese, Japanese and European porcelain and pottery. The gallery in Mayfair has over a thousand pieces of antique ceramics and works of art on display. 00Circa Late 1800’s, China, Rosewood, Elm and Bone InlayPrice: $2,500. Antique Chinese Pottery and an antique chinese Porcelain book recommendations. 00circa 18th century (early Qing Dynasty), China, Southern Elm Beech (Jumu) & Walnut (Hetaomu)Price: $4,000. 00Circa Late 1800’s, China, ElmPrice: $1,375. Buy a piece of the Orient for your home an antique chinese or office. Functional Asian accent pieces for an antique chinese your home which harmonize with any d cor. 00Circa 1800’s, Shanxi Province China, ElmPrice: $1,995. Options an antique chinese this. You may shop online anytime at Customer service available at , seven days a week, 8:00 a.

Members of the British Antique Dealers’ AssociationDealers for over 40 years in Antique Asian and European Ceramics and Works of Art 2013-2019 +44 (0)20 7408 1252+44 (0)20 7499 1445 Antique Chinese Porcelain Help and Information Antique Chinese and Japanese Porcelain collectors information page. Guest & Gray are members of the British Antique Dealers’ Association. 00Circa 1850-1900, Beijing China, ElmPrice: $2,995. In addition, examples of decorative arts from the such as Iznik tiles and Indian miniature paintings are on offer. 00Early 1900’s, China, an antique chinese Bamboo 18k Two Tone Gold Diamond And Pink & ElmPrice: $2,975. Suggested reading material can also be found on our website, including a substantial of Chinese ceramics produced for us by Margaret Medley, one-time curator of the Percival an antique chinese David Collection at the British Museum. Copyright 2001-2015. 00early 1800’s, Shanxi Province China, Mixed WoodsPrice: $6,000. 00Qing Dynasty (1644-1912), China, Southern Elm Beech (Jumu)Price: $1,775. 00Republic Era (circa 1912-1949), Zhejiang Province China, Flowering Pear Wood (Huali mu)Price: $2,150. 00Republic Era (circa 1912-1949), China,Price: $1,575. Guest & Gray also have a large collection of including Meissen, Italian maiolica, Dutch Delft and Monumental 53 Antique Pond Boat With English Delft, as well as examples of Hispano-Moresque, Faience and Westerwald. 00Republic Era (circa 1912-1949), China,Price: $1,650. Central Time. 00Don’t let your treasures slip away. Related Items In This Category Cabinets, Armoires, an antique chinese Buffets Authentic antique and contemporary Chinese armoires and Asian cabinets. 00early 1700’s, Beijing China, Cedar (Nanmu)Price: $15,000. 00Late Qing Dynasty, Jiangsu Province China, Elm (Jumu)Price: $3,500.

00Wanli Emperor (1572-1620, later Ming Dynasty), Shanxi Province China, HardwoodPrice: $3,200. 00circa 1890, Shanghai China, Elm (Yumu)Price: $3,075. 00late 17th century, Northern China, Ironwood (Tielimu)Price: $15,000. Antique Art Nouveau French Locket 00Late Qing Dynasty, Shanxi Province China, 0Price: $2,195. 00circa 1800, Shanxi Province China, Elm (Yumu)Price: $5,500. 00circa 1750, Northern China, Northern Elm (Yumu)Price: $6,000.

TV stands and Semi Antique Red & Navy entertainment centers, an antique chinese buffets, display cabinets, apothecary cabinets (herb chests), night stands, and creative kitchen islands. Chinese and Japanese Porcelain email questions Chinese and Japanese Porcelain Questions and Answers Chinese Ming Pottery and Porcelain Chinese Export Porcelain Chinese Imari Porcelain Chinese and Japanese Chinese porcelain marks, seals and back stamps Chinese Porcelain Japanese porcelain Chinese export porcelain standard pattern, Antique Chinese Porcelain Ming dynasty Antique Chinese Porcelain marks. Please an antique chinese feel free to to discuss your collecting interests or if you are interested in a possible investment ( 200,000 minimum). 00Late an Antique 1940s 10k 3ct Natural antique chinese Qing Dynasty, Gansu Province China, 0Price: $1,995. Authentic pieces from the Qing (Ching) dynasty, many in a Ming dynasty style for sale. Due to the new Data Protection legislation update in May 2018, we are obligated to ask you to confirm in writing that Antique Chinese Large you wish to receive communications from us by post or email, please see the page for more details. Guest & Gray also deals in antique , an antique chinese lacquer, metalwork and ivory. Chinese porcelain Terms Glossary Discussion Board. 00circa 1825-1850, Shanxi Province China, Northern Elm (Yumu)Price: $7,500. 00circa 1750-1800, Shanxi Province China, Northern Elm (Yumu)Price: $5,000. Republic Era (1911-1949), China, ElmPrice: $1,975. 00Republic Era (circa an antique chinese 1912-1949), China,Price: $1,695. 00Circa 1880, China, an antique chinese WoodPrice: $2,995.

Antique 1930s 40s Shell Advertising Gas Pump Globe One Piece Clamshell Shaped

1960’s MAINBOCHER Skirt of Flocked Satin! The wind could pass right through the back.

Measures: 33″ bust, up to 25″ waist, up to 35″ hips, 35″ – 40″ long from shoulder to hem. (And that is my last political statement). – SIZE 6 8 (check measurements above) Pair Of Antique Chinese ORDER ITEM – #5803 Click on image for additional photos! # 3874a – c. JUST the right length, color, fitted. Who am I to judge! Under $150 antique 1930s 40s so FINAL SALE ITEM. There’s your history lesson on Kiviette!

Also, there are belt loops but no belt. “Adolfo Sardina, best known as Adolfo, began his successful fashion career in Paris as an apprentice to Balenciaga. Well, that’s my theory anyway. ) Antique Folk Art Automaton Men Sawing A so great to wear in the heat of the summer. BOTH items can be worn showing the beaded side, or with the labels removed, plain black side. 1980’s VICKY TIEL COUTURE, Paris Silk Chiffon Party Dress! # antique 1930s 40s 11235 – c. BEAUTIFUL, vibrant colored embroidery and smocking! – SIZE 6 8 (check measurements above) ORDER ITEM – #7204 Click on image for additional photos! Yet another lovely piece, but has some issues. Excellent condition (tailored). – SIZE 6 (check measurements above) # 11680 – SPRING 1992 CALVIN KLEIN Museum Silver Lace Gown! I haven’t yet found the photos of Melanie wearing this, but I’m sure if you dig, you will find them. ), and the material and construction just screams expensive. # 9351 antique 1930s 40s – c. GORGEOUS on! They just don’t seem antique 1930s 40s to make fabrics like this anymore. Well, enough antique 1930s 40s about me. Anyway, I’ve manipulated these photos to hopefully match as close as I can to the real color of this gown. ) is antique 1930s 40s just SOOOOO luxurious! Yeah, I know, that’s what I said to myself, Antique Berber Red and I should know more than most! – SIZE antique 1930s 40s 10 (check measurements above) SOLD # 7721 – mid 1960’s NORMAN NORELL Black Wool Bengaline Dress! Hence the needle on her label! Info on “Gray Lady” is listed with the rest of the photos (if you want a history lesson). But sadly I seem to never get out of my “at home” duds. AND it’s in antique 1930s 40s Mint condition! Wear with a doll tilt hat, gloves and ankle strap shoes for antique 1930s 40s the vintage look! 🙂 Nice quality! # 7365 – c. Meant to be worn open antique 1930s 40s at front. This will really perk antique 1930s 40s up your day! I still may decide to keep this dress for myself. The info I found on Antique 14k Gold 4274cts Rock Crystal the store is “It is probably the most expensive fur store in Spain. Richards joined a small group of Los Angeles designers who helped expand the California market beyond swimsuits and shorts. Dress like a female mirror ball! This is not the cheap thin cashmere of today. Because the rest of this dress is fabulous. 1990’s ESCADA Soft Black Empire Waist Tank Dress with antique 1930s 40s Matching Coat Both Edged in Triple Paillettes! Unlined (as usually for Mugler).

Excellent condition, though missing the original belt (but frankly I like without any. Herrera’s clothes are feminine but comfortable. Measures: up to 34″ bust, up to 25″ waist, up to 36″ hips, 54″ long from shoulder to hem (so it’s for shorter gals). They go on me, antique 1930s 40s but they are tight. I can’t tell you what this print is. Back plastic zipper. The color is a blue with a purplish hue in certain lights (love that! Excellent condition with the imperfections in the fur antique 1930s 40s as shown in the close-up photos. – SIZE 2-8 TALL (check measurements above) SOLD # 7755 – c. Wear a black Antique 14k White & Yellow Gold & leather bustier and killer boots. Pair with a pink cardigan sweater and you can wear this to a wedding (you’ll look smashing! But I did find a New York Times article from Oct. ) Front pockets with black border. # 7751 antique 1930s 40s – c. The shorter the better! 1990’s MOSCHINO COUTURE, Made in Italy Black Lightweight Wool “Sewing Hardware” or “Safety Pin” Embellished Zip Front Jacket! I haven’t found a photo of Melanie wearing this piece, but it was worn. Just the MOST minor wear at underarm edge antique 1930s 40s (see Original 19c Romantic Antique photo).

And antique 1930s 40s this dress is just another reason why. 1970’s FELINE, 362 rue St. Originally had a tiny belt, but none antique 1930s 40s exists and I much prefer it as you see it anyway. No give in fabric. Measures: up to 48″ bust, 41″ long from shoulder to hem. Thin rhinestone studded straps could use an extra stitch or two, but otherwise it’s in Excellent condition. The zipper is actually in the pocket of the skirt, and then there are snaps across the waistline at front to create the wrap design. A true Bob antique 1930s 40s Mackie treasure. 1980’s antique 1930s 40s OSCAR de la RENTA Adorable Plaid Silk Taffeta Dress! This will NOT overwhelm you! Only because I have some of his TOP quality, obviously originally very expensive A Signed Antique pieces (a few I have for sale were worn by Liza Minnelli. So I apologize antique 1930s 40s for that.

Also mentioned that the coats Ruby Diamond Gold Ring Antique can be found in “BETTER STORES”. OK, I’m guessing this is 1990’s as it has that simple elegance look of that decade, but could be newer. The gown has a slight fishtail, fitted drop waistline, wide nearly off the shoulder neckline. I tried the antique 1930s 40s pants on. Made in China. Wide inset waist in a corset shape with crystal buttons. This gown is similar to a nude Bob Mackie with the beading covering the possible exposed skin under netting. Wide 1980’s shoulders antique 1930s 40s and cuffs. The previous one was a dress, this is a gown with a matching reversible shawl. I’m 5’2″ and it’s to my ankle at this length. Measures: 36″ bust, up to 28″ waist, up to 36 37″ hips, 42″ long from shoulder to hem. Meant to be worn open at the front, just a decorative piece to wear over your slinky 30s gown. Comes with the original thin belt. Hidden zipper back. This is what you might see in Saks Fifth Ave on the discount rack condition. 1950’s MAINBOCHER, Inc. Chocolate brown pencil antique 1930s 40s skirt with narrow white horizontal stripes of pony fur. – SIZE 4 (check measurements above) – Many More Items ITEMS BELOW ARE SOLD ITEMS BELOW ARE SOLD SOLD on LAYAWAY # 11117 – c. A sash like this Vintage Antique French Violin will make it look like the smoking jacket. Gotta love the interior lining as well! (check measurements above) – #5375 Click on image for additional photos! 🙂 This is not the cheaper Nouvelle Boutique ready-to-wear line. 2010 antique 1930s 40s ISSA, London (now defunct label) Turquoise Blue Jersey Plunging Neckline Cap Sleeve Dress! – SIZE 6-12 – or Men’s size 38 39 S R (check measurements above) ORDER ITEM – #5380 Click on image for additional photos! The antique 1930s 40s ones from the 1980s. So I was trying to research this coat and found that the much less expensive Armani Collezioni line currently has a black neoprene coat with stoveneck or funnel neck coat which SOLD OUT at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom for $1,895. Basically antique 1930s 40s a strapless dress with “T” necklace attached. THIS antique 1930s 40s outfit is the BEST I got! White linen dress with seamed waist and Va-Va-Voom “Jessica Rabbit” bodice topped with so pretty white lace flowers on a sheer nude yoke – so from afar you will look. Museum Deaccession! This can be dated as (according to Vintage Label Resource), Wilson Folmar was the designer for Edward Abbott from 1957-1964. Please look at the close up photos of this dress! # 7728 – c. Obviously best for those girls who can get away with going braless (that’s NOT me). Motivation towards Contemporary Realist Painting: Views antique 1930s 40s of the Artist Though we are rapidly eliminating the habitats that created us and most of us now live in cities, we are still the ancient creatures that evolved to live in those wild places. Yes, I’m gonna say that word I hate to say as it’s so overused. Worn by Liza Minnelli! – SIZE 6 8 (check measurements above) ORDER ITEM – #11397 Click on image for additional photos! ) so you want to be antique 1930s 40s a size 00, 40 long shoulder to hem. Injection Pump Massey Ferguson In addition, in 1972 she was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Set Of 12 Antique Porcelain Royal Vienna Richard Nixon, and in 1992, she was posthumously awarded the National Medal of Arts. This one is a long pink and gold metallic brocade dress with brilliant (sparkling! I love this coat! LOVE the empire tailored waistline, the high collar and the notch at back collar, the cuffed sleeves, the lovely black braided buttons, slight peplum at the back. # 7631 – c. Very possibly, but I leave that to you. AND REMARKABLY. Ford searched for a compromise. Please read the description below. If anyone knows. 1980’s AJ BARI Silk Satin Multicolor on Black antique 1930s 40s Halter Dress with Open Slit Back! Anyway, you can read about Helen Rose at: ). She designed for both theatre and fashion and was a very famous Broadway designer particularly during the 1930’s. 🙂 The dress is sort of an A-line shape with wide pleats in the skirt and those unexpected black grosgrain stripes down the sides. If this sounds like you, and you want to find a dress that’s antique 1930s 40s warm enough (but not too warm incase you get a hot flash), and feels like a comfy sweater (as the base is a black knit! You will need a smallish back with most of your 35″ upfront. MINT CONDITION! 2000’s ALEXANDER McQUEEN, Made in Italy Black Textured Cotton Asymmetrical Pleated Dress! A simple basic sleeveless black wool crepe dress with scoop neck, two welt pockets, fully lined with black antique 1930s 40s silk broadcloth. A gorgeous voided black velvet on silk chiffon gown with large scroll and patch design! Lovely S Antique Handmade Tribal Shiraz Persian You know items with these tags attached are antique 1930s 40s legit from Marcia Tysseling’s Star Wares shop. Love the geometric design. Dress it down with jeans, or dress it up for evening. Not to mention the beautiful design. Thank the consignor! Originally had a belt or tie sash but it was lost over the years, so I just used a black ribbon (doesn’t come with it). Size and condition info coming. 1960’s The ANNE FOGARTY Room, Lord & Taylor antique 1930s 40s Orange Print Dress with Ruffled Scalloped Hemline! Metal antique 1930s 40s zipper at side. 1960’s (Attributed to) MAINBOCHER Rose Colored Butterfly Print Dress with 3-D Butterfly Appliques!

Otherwise I’d be fighting you for this gown. The lame fabric is gold, silver and copper, so whatever you wear it with will work.

Unusual Rare Antique Wedgwood Etruria Yellow Jasper Ware With Black Relief Vase

The rarity of such a piece and the fact that they were used has led to the Waterstone 4900 3 Dab Hampton Prep fact of basically being unheard of. Originally made as a pillow cover however never used I have now closed the open seam ( used to insert a pillow ) and sewn two sleeves on for hanging 58639 T9 Antique Oak Refactory Dining Table purpose. The rug is designed in two stacking methods. This pillow has sweet Redwork flowers and leaves amid the signatures – please see the detail pictures. The sizes are apx 24-1 2 x 28-1 2″ plus 1 4″ edge turned under, 18″ x 29″ could be easily cut or 19 x 24″ completely clear. The Devil in the White City, by Erik Larsen, is a nonfiction novel published in 2003 that spans the years surrounding the building of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. Late 19th century 9 x 30 inches New England $150 The crochet embellishment is beyond gorgeous. 1960s 24-1 2 x 28-1 2 inches New England $450 set The sophisticated art of needlepoint has been executed for hundreds of years. The collar is faced in the black branch color of the Confederate medical department. KERN, GEMRIG, KOLBE, HELMOLD, REES, WOCHER, MARTIN, ROSE & SELLERS, ROSE, ARNOLD, REINHARDT, DUFILHO, SNOWDEN, WIEGAND, SCHIVELY, CODMAN & SHURTLEFF, SHEPARD & DUDLEY, FORD, WADE & FORD, KUEMERLE, TEUFEL, AUTHENRIETH, KLOTT, WOLF, CHEVALIER, S. This stitch holds seams firmly Chinese Antique Cloisonne Horse 18 together. These were our 19th century coats.

The moth holes are a sign of authenticity. I have left it as is because to me it is telling some unknown story. Celebrating Columbus and the discovery of America in 1492, there are Spanish explorers unusual rare antique and Indians depicted on the print. This gorgeous folk art geometric Mens 10K Yellow Gold Real piece is outstanding as art for your wall. LITHOTOMY ANTIQUES unusual rare antique Antique lithotomy and urological instruments. BONTECOU, HAREWOOD HOSPITAL, GETTYSBURG, ANTIETAM, WILDERNESS, CIVIL WAR BATTLES, CIVIL WAR HOSPITALS, SAMUEL PRESTON MOORE, PORCHER ANTIQUE ANESTHESIA INHALERS AND ETHER AND CHLOROFORM BOTTLES, DROPPERS, AND OTHER ITEMS ANTIQUE UROLOGICAL AND ANTIQUE LITHOTOMY SETS AND INSTRUMENTS, LITHOTRIPTERS, LITHOTRITES, LITHOTRIBES, GORGETS, STONES MADE INTO ORNAMENT AND KEEPSAKES ANTIQUE CANES OR WALKING STICKS WITH A MEDICAL ASPECT, CONTAINING MEDICATIONS, SYRINGES, STETHOSCOPES, ETC. I have photographed this piece on my dining unusual rare antique room table to show how gorgeous it is. Stitched to the back of the quilt is a hand written note on cotton stating the maker’s and recipient’s names along with the date of the gift: unusual rare antique December 25, 1893. As with all of our other pieces, these vintage antique textiles are guaranteed for authenticity, condition and age. One is a black 1 7 8 in border followed by a unusual rare antique red 1 1 4 border. When one looks at the stars Tabriz Mahi Design Antique Persian Oriental they appear to be dancing and whimsical. The backing fabric is an earlier muted burgundy, beige and brown stripe. I found this unusual rare antique piece in Maine. Late 18th century 36 1 2 x 22 (92. It can be unusual rare antique purchased for a complete repeat print. There is both hand and machine stitching, a treadle machine would have been available after c. Most of the homespun fabric is woolen and dates from the Civil War or earlier. After the civil war women were more likely to purchase the wool and thread for weaving. Much of unusual rare antique the fabric which makes up the quilt is home spun. 1920s or 1930s, possibly older 59 x 93 inches (apx. 1820 98 unusual rare antique x 100 inches (plus 4″ netted edging on 3 sides) New England $4,600 Do you have either an original or reproduction early American bed? NEUROSURGICAL ANTIQUES An unusual rare antique 1840s trephine set and its various instruments are discussed. 6 cm) $275 A gorgeous early indigo blue dyed block print on this quilt piece. The collector is a museum curator. The edging is pillowcased and then finished with an embroidery stitch unusual rare antique created using various colors.

The 4 inch long scallops, or tongues, along the entire edge also contain felted wool appliques, embroidery and a crocheted edging. A scarce Civil War-date general operating set as designed by James R. The seams are joined with a running back stitch which is unusual rare antique so tiny that at first glance it appears to be done on a sewing machine. The stars Antique Vintage Belais are unusual rare antique linen and the indigo blue and red and white stripes Antique Indian Brass Bronze Metal Set are wool. Up until recently Antique Ship Buoy Marker Lantern there was a wonderful textile museum in Lowell, unusual rare antique MA where Vintage Antique 65ct one could actually see these looms. I needed to use a magnifying glass to verify this stitch. 🙂 The large array of muted earth tones would fit Great Price On 1Ct Diamond Yellow into about 8 or 10 different color schemes. 3 cm) $195 A few years ago Country Home Magazine did a wonderful story on Betsey, her antique quilts for sale, and her restoration business. Enjoyed it in my home for two years, now ready for a new home. If you are traveling, we will be happy to ship your purchases via FedEx at your convenience. I am dating this quilt apx c. I believe this one is a WWII vintage flag. A wool antique without moth holes unusual rare antique would be suspicious. We look forward to hearing about items that you have for sale. Luckily, it unusual rare antique has never been used. These can be sent unusual rare antique on approval. UF28 Unique Indigo and Ecru Table Cover Mid 19th century apx 59 x 65 inches + 1-1 2″ fringe on all sides New England SOLD When one unusual rare antique first looks at this wonderful textile, one immediately assumes it is an overshot coverlet, as I did. (1813-1882), in conjunction with the firm Wade & Ford (fl. Shading is Antique 1940s 10 000 due to lighting, not representative of the quilt. One side of this overshot coverlet is predominantly burgundy while the reverse side predominantly a natural linen color. Maybe they were too Antique Chicago 1920s precious to use but they are perfect for someone to enjoy today in their home. Primary sources. Can you image the days and months it would have taken to create these? Please view the detail photos (click images unusual rare antique above) for closeup views. I purchased this quilt unusual rare antique about 15 yrs ago from a private collection where it had been for over 20 years. 1885 $225 Thousands and thousands of Victorian glass beads hand strung to create embellishments. This site discusses the use of wet and dry cupping. Q9116 Embroidered Candlewick Spread c. 1890 42 x 73 inches New England $2,400 This wonderful wool penny rug consists of 3 inch diameter circles of felted wool each with hand appliqued felted wool flowers accented with fine wool hand embroidery. This is for the son’s use only and is called The Father’s Quilt. When hung, the piece looks 3-dimensional, and yes, you could put it on the floor as a rug, but I would unusual rare antique want it on the wall. Antique and historical Antique Victorian Salmon Coral Multi Cabochon medical and surgical consulting and technical advisor services available for film, movie, documentary, theatrical, and television productions, etc. We have wreath quilting, cross hatching, some of the most beautiful and minuscule quilting stitches I have ever seen. The heavier gauges were used for bags, such as this one, or weaving with wool to unusual rare antique make a Linsey Woolsey quilt. 1885 Redwork Signature block, newly made into a pillow 21 x unusual rare Cobra Golf Fly Z antique 13 (53. The backing is a great black and red cotton calico-see detail images. At one time someone quilted two different quilts together — both backed with homespun linen. The 1-1 2 inch edging is knit with a 0 needle.

This pillow has a patriotic unusual rare antique color palette with hand made ribbon flower buttons with jewel centers – please see the detail pictures. 8 x 14 feet) New England $600 This flag is too large to photograph. BTG30 19th Century Amish Father’s Quilt Pre-Civil War fabrics 63 x 75 inches Mifflin County, PA (Nebraska Amish Community) Call for Price An Amish Father’s quilt is basically unheard of. ENT ANTIQUES ANTIQUE EAR TRUMPETS AND HEARING AIDS ANTIQUE ENEMAS, STOMACH PUMPS, AND DOUCHES ANTIQUE AMPUTATION SETS An 1850s amputation set by Max Wocher, Cincinnati. In unusual rare antique perfect condition. UF261 Needlepoint Seat Cushion Covers c. This incredible bed covering was made 30 years prior to the invention of the sewing machine. We can sew sleeves to the back for borderless framing. On the back a fabulous print in unusual rare antique blue, red, yellow, black, and green.

This originated unusual rare antique in Pennsylvania, possibly in the Lancaster County area. Fabulous unusual rare antique condition. 1893 79 x 80 (200. We believe it’s almost a full repeat of the pattern, the right and top right edges show the end unusual rare antique of the print block. The body unusual rare antique of the quilt is apx c. The waist band at the moment is 29 inches but there is plenty of room unusual rare antique in the pleats to expand. For whatever reason, this has never been used. The insert cone of cedar and brass was used when listening to heart and voice sounds. Piecing on this quilt is all done by machine with the binding turned over from the back and then hand stitched down. Please ask for more details. Someone in its history has already put sleeves on unusual rare antique to get it ready for hanging. GYNECOLOGICAL ANTIQUES Antique specula in ivory, wood, pewter, and other materials. The bottom border measures apx 10″ in width. Good grief. We didn’t know which way Lg Amt Antique Historic Hudson Fulton 19th to photograph it and finally chose the side with the buttons. If you choose to hang it on your wall, it can be hung in either direction. An Amish mother would create one quilt for her son to take with him when he married. Hence the running back stitch that can easily be mistaken for machine work. Bank wire transfers are an easy method of payment for both domestic and international sales. These appear to be barely used. The early coverlets were woven from homespun wool and homespun thread. Today they could again be used as seat cushions or backs and seats for small chairs or as the most sophisticated and exquisite pillows. From the looks of unusual rare antique this petticoat it was hardly used. There are unusual rare antique at least two pounds of Victorian glass beads in total. The stars represent the states in the union as of 1892. All fabric is 100% wool. This quilt already has sleeves sewn on the back in case you would like to hang it as art on a wall. Yes, there is wear, but not of importance with this unusual rare antique rare quilt. The Formal Traditional Queen King Antique Style Dresden finer gauge unusual rare antique would be used for sheets and table cloths. They can be applied to clothing, pins and hats. This entire unusual rare antique piece was created by hand before the sewing machine was invented. Looking inside you can see the amazing fabric that was the backing of unusual rare antique the original quilt. 3 x 33 cm) $195 A few years ago Country Home Magazine did a wonderful story on Betsey, her antique unusual rare antique quilts for sale, and her restoration business. Please let us know your interests and what you unusual rare antique might have.


Hand washed by Betsey and ready to adorn your home. 1820s Laennec monaural stethoscope turned in three parts from cedar. OPHTHALMIC ANTIQUES Cataract surgery sets. Prior to the advent of paper decorations, we would use bunting to decorate for elections, presidential birthdays, and other political celebrations. A selection of bow-framed amputation saws Georg Jensen Huge Color that span 250 years unusual rare antique of surgical history are presented. I assume this was for warmth. Unusual Antique Textiles and Fabrics Click on the pictures below to see more views of my Unusual Finds. At that time most hand work of ladies of stature was done on their laps using a wooden hoop. We can assume our talented quilt maker, whose name will go to the buyer upon sale, chose other accommodations during her visit to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. It is signed and dated. Holmes, the serial killer who exploited the unusual rare antique fair to find his victims. The lift-out tray retains the paper label: MANUFACTURED BY J. Certainly months. 1865 64 x 126 inches Found in NY, believe to be created in France $1,250 During the 19th century women wore shawls not only for unusual rare antique fashion but for warmth. UF260 Variable Star or LeMoyne Star Wall Hanging c. Q9099 Center Medallion Folk Art Adam and Eve Crazy Quilt c. HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT MARKED SETS unusual rare antique AND INSTRUMENTS, U. As mentioned, an interesting side note to the 1893 Exposition and its history! The black center of this paisley shawl is a beautiful 19th century black Monarch Instrument Plt200kit wool challis, which does not photograph well. Somewhere unusual rare antique around 1860 someone took a piece of the original quilt and made a pillow cover out of it using a heavy duty striped cotton ticking as the back. Our lovely quilt remains unmarred by any connection to the more gruesome aspects of a marvelous and historical exposition. Professionally mounted on a Set Of 3 Framed Curtis Londinensis Antique wood frame covered unusual rare antique in black cotton and ready for hanging. GEMRIG 109 South Eighth St. I have in my possession a bible from this family that is being sold separately. High definition unedited photo files of many of the items found on the website are available for sale to advertisers, publishers, researchers, etc.